Back to Business!

Hello again, enjoy your summer holidays? CCR sure have and we’re now raring to get stuck into our new season!

We’re really happy to announce two exciting fixtures to kick off the 2010/11 season with.

First up, on Saturday 4th September, we welcome the Sheffield Steel Roller Girls to Cocks Moors Woods, Birmingham.

This is the first fixture between the two leagues, and with SSRG recently posting impressive wins over Royal Windsor & Newcastle this is sure to be a must see encounter.

Watch out for ticket details in the next couple of days.

Then on Saturday October 16th, CCR make another trip north of the border to Edinburgh to take on the Auld Reekie Roller Girls. ARRG have had a busy summer clocking up a Scottish Tournament as well as taking on and beating Stuttgart & Glasgow before suffering a narrow defeat to the London Rockin Rollers last weekend.

Those of you with longer memories may recall ARRG were CCR’s first ever Inter League opponent back in April 2008 and with both teams not playing each other since clashing at Roll Britannia last June, it will be great to see them both back on track together to check out their progress.