TEAM ENGLAND Hits Birmingham!

Saturday 23rd July 2011 With the inaugural Roller Derby World Cup under 5 months away, today sees the Team England bandwagon roll into Birmingham for the Final Squad Try-outs, an event CCR are proud to host and sponsor.

Forty girls have been selected for the Final Try-out having battled their way through a number of trials held up and down the country since early in the year. Following toad’s event, Team England coaches Ballistic Whistle (LRG), Barry Fight (CCR) and Rollin’ Stoner (RWRG) will have the unenviable task of whittling the numbers down further to get their final 20 skater World Cup squad.

Promises to be an exciting day ahead and CCR want to wish all girls trying out all the best of luck, especially our very own Billie Whizz, Hustle’Her, Madame Flutterby,  Rubix Crude and Tragic Wrath.

Come On England!

* To keep in touch with the progress & show your support to Team England following them on facebook