Hustle’Her (CCR & Team England) – One Tough Cookie!

Tuesday 2nd August 2011 Just 10 days on from leaving the final Team England World Cup Try-Out by Ambulance and CCR’s Hustle Her is already up, about and itching to get back on skates.

The accident, a freak collision in the last jam of the try out scrimmage, resulted in a dislocated hip which looked pretty bad at the time and almost certain to rule CCR’s longest serving Jammer out for a while, putting paid to any hopes she had of making the Team England World Cup Squad.

The good news following her trip to A&E was that X-Rays showed there was no break and, having done enough at the previous try-outs to impress the Coaching Team, the following day she received the news she had made the squad. Looking back, Hustle reflects on the roller coaster of emotions she went through that weekend – “Lying on the track waiting for the medics all I could think about was my dream was gone! To get the X-rays and be told there was no break was great, but to receive the news I’d made the squad was amazing!”

If there was a fortunate side to the accident it was the timing with the World Cup still being four months away. Not that Hustle is taking it easy – back to work after a few days resting up, her recovery is already well under way with her starting low impact training and cycling in between her physio sessions.

The hardest thing will be to resist the urge to get straight back at it, as she says “To be honest, I’m not the most patient and can’t wait to get back on skates. Watching everybody at practice is so frustrating! However, I’m going to be sensible and not rush things, although I still hope to be on skates in the next couple of weeks – we’ve got a new season starting next month!”

It would be a foolish man to bet against her making it back for the first bout!