What she says…

“Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.”

What they say…

“Get Cherry out the equation”

 – Dynomite Bo to her team when opposing Cherry at a practice.

Why Derby? (And why CCR?)

My mate knew someone who knew someone who did it, so she gave me a flyer as we where the “alternative” people at work.  Went to a fundraiser, but didn’t have the guts to sign up as I thought you needed to be able to skate first.  So about six months later I though jack this I want to skate and here I am now…. back in the day we only trained once a week so couldn’t wait for the weekend to come around! Also CCR was very committed to training people up, learning the skills and tactics needed and not rush anything so I felt I was getting ready for something important and worthwhile and not a flash in the pan type of affair. What made me fall in love with Derby is the fact that it was a sport that embraced all that most sports are not, the sport needs women of all sizes to work at its best, so there is a place for everyone to fit in.

Is there a story behind you name and number?

My number represents that everyone should get a bit and give a bit in life. You give you take you win you lose ‘tis the way of the 69! My name is from the Aerosmith song “pink”  I wanted  name that I could live up to so no point having “faster pussycat” or “death blocker” as I didn’t know what sort of player I’d become.  So Verry Cherry just means I’m cheeky and fruity and just so…verry! As I always give my all!

Spread the love! Who do you admire in the World of Derby?

Mine is Fox Sake from LRG.  In a non creepy way I’ve watched her progression from a good blocker to an amazing all round player (that’s what I’d like to be one day.) Her jamming, blocking and pivoting are all top notch.  What’s more she is really nice in person, has taken the time more than once to offer help, support and training to CCR and all without the “look at me” mentality.  What a star!

Hottest piece of kit?

I love my Riedell white 265’s (best xmas gift ever) with mojo wheels.  I can’t rate Smiths Scabs high enough for your knees.  You only get one set of knees in life; save your pennies on a wheels blow out until you have good knee pads! Ok this sounds really cheese on toast, but it’s the mental kit that important, knowing that I do everything I can to make myself a better player and a little touch of self belief is the best kit I can have.  But metal plates do make a difference…..nice and sturdy! For me, my ‘can’t be without’ piece of kit is black eyes and red lips, but it’s not a derby thing just the way I like to face life! Also Ventalin is quite important as I’m asthmatic, sorry not very glam but I’d be dead without it!

What’s your top tip for bout/practice preparation?

I like to have a bit of time to do some off skates stretches and stuff, though this normally turns into a bizarre dance routine as people join in… For food, I like some grilled mackerel and many a cup of tea, then when I get to the venue have a nibble on proteins such as nuts, meat or cheese.  I then have a red bull and go crazy!

And Finally, your favourite post-bout tipple?

Gin n Tonic, then a pint of cider….then a mixture of anything!