Sheffield All Stars 119 CCR ‘Centrinnians’ 151

Sunday 9th October 2011  saw CCR’s ‘Belles of Centrinnians’ skate away with their second victory against Sheffield Steel Rollergirls (SSRG), chalking up a toughly fought 151-119 victory.

Last time the two met on track in September 2010, CCR won on home turf by 161 – 40. This time, ‘Cirque Du Slay’ was SSRG’s final bout of the season at the Ponds’ Forge Sports Centre in Sheffield while For CCR’s Belles of Centrinnians, this was the first bout of the new season, after an extended summer break.

A warm up bout between SSRG B team, ‘The Crucibelles’ and Liverpool Roller Birds B team saw LRB win 75-65, and after distraction from an impressive array of jugglers, hula hoops and themed cake and stalls the A teams took to the track.

Both teams started the second jam with 8 points each, but despite a power jam and grand slam for SSRG in jam 3, CCR managed to limit the damage and score 19 to SSRG’s 13.

Jammers from both teams were sent to the box alternately, resulting in powerjams. Blockers kept tight and fast packs, reacting with increasing speed to changing tactics – goating from CCR and SSRG sending out a carving wife to bust walls – as the jammer situation switched rapidly.

With the score at 26 to 55, CCR’s advantage was threatened as their jammer was stuck, went down with a massive hit, and was sent to the box along with the blocker who hit her. SSRG caught up and ended the jam with 40 -55.  A CCR powerjam in the lead up to half time, left them on 91 to SSRG’s 64.

The second half started slowly, with both jammers taking turns to call the jam off – either after scoring, or when they were stuck behind a steadfast wall. CCR hit triple figures in Jam 22, moving to 102 to SSRG on 61. SSRG fought back though with a number of impressive powerjams to reduce the deficit and set up a nerve jangling finale.

SSRG’s scores crept closer to CCR’s – with the Centrinnians maintaining a tense lead throughout. As the period clock wound down, the scoreboard told the closeness in the bout – 102-119; 104 -127; before CCR eked out a 118-147 with two jams left.

As chants for both sides echoed round the hall, CCR’s jammer took advantage of a powerjam and scored a vital 3 points, despite a cracking front wall from SSRG.

With less than 30 seconds on the clock, SSRG used their final time out to ensure their was one final jam and a last roll of the dice, but CCR gained the all important lead, calling the jam off just after the time on the period clock had expired with the scores at 119-151.

Both sides put on an impressive display of athleticism, skill and tactical plays, and SSRG were wonderful hosts. As SSRG now look to put their feet up after a great season, CCR now look forward to a busy few months ahead and an International double with the girls heading to Germany to take on Stuttgart at the end of October, then taking on the USA’s Sioux Falls back in Birmingham in mid November.


Belles of Centrinnians 
26 Block Star (Capt); 
82 Hustle’Her (Co-Capt)
; 2p Tuppenny Hit
; 04 Lex Brawl; 
20 Billie Whizz; 
119 Scarlette Macabre; 
42 Agent Dana Scurry
; 45 Ouija Broad
; 69 Verry Cherry
; 84 Tenacity; 
85 Lethal Sizzle; 
100 Dynomite Bo
; 313 Madame Flutterby
; 666 Tragic Wrath

Sheffield Steel All-Stars
 7Miss D Nightshade (Capt); 23 
Mia Malice (Co-Capt) 
11 Skate Crasher; I8U 
Marianne Faithkill; 138 
Nicki Fury; 369 Mallory Hard-Knox; 00 
Kim Oh No; 17 
Holly Hotrod; 49 
Jane Doe A Go Go; 17 
Rio De Jam Hero; 480BC 
Warrior Princess;
86 Zombie SlayHer; 85 
Eva Von Gorier; 19
 Rabid Kitten.

* Thanks to Jason Ruffell (Roller Derby on Film) for use of photo – please visit Jason’s site to see more awesome work from the bout