Who Are CCR? – #42 Agent Dana Scurry

What she says…

“I’m a firm believer in the skater making the skates not the skates making the skater!”

What they say…


 – Dana was the recipient of the Track Addict award CCR’s 3rdBirthday Party

Why Derby? (And why CCR?)

I had a friend who had picked up a CCR flier in Scruffy Murphys and decided to give it a go, not really knowing what the sport was like. She talked me into coming down for a session but I never really started until a few months later after being talked into watching a bout by a couple of established skaters. Then I was hooked. I first decided it was the sport for me after watching my first bout. The energy you feel from just watching the game is amazing and it made me want to get involved. What has kept me in love with the sport is how I have been looked after since starting with CCR. I have never been a very sporty person although I’ve done a lot of horse riding which is very much a solo sport but the team spirit CCR have is really addictive.

Is there a story behind you name and number?

It’s rather sad but I was trying to think of something that people associated with me and being a massive Sci-Fi fan and a BIG X-files fan it kind of just blurted out. As for my number, well you’ll find it on the apartment door of my favourite male FBI agent.

Spread the love! Who do you admire in the World of Derby?

I was really impressed with Snot Rocket Science at Anarchy UK recently, that girl can skate!

Hottest piece of kit?

Loving all the custom boots Riedell have been creating recently but my ‘can’t be without’ piece of kit is usually my after-party hat!

What’s your favourite pre-bout meal?

I usually end up with a big pot of pasta before a bout. Usually with some kind of prawns/chicken/chilli combo. Yummy! I also like to have handy a bottle of Lucozade and some variety of digestive nut bar.

And finally, what is your ultimate Derby goal?

To be able to play all the positions on track as well as my fellow CCR girlies!