Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz 148 – CCR ‘Belles of Centrinnians’ 52

Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz’ early lead proved to be too much for CCR’s ‘Belles of Centrinnians’ to overcome in a fast and furious international match up.

Having recently been accepted onto the WFTDA Apprentice Programme (CCR in July 2011 and SVRG in October 2011) both teams were eager to prove they deserved this status as they went skate-to-skate on Saturday 29th October. Stuttgart Valley hosted the event in the atmospheric SpOrt Stuttgart where a sold out crowd were treated to an impressive display of top European Derby.

Right from the first whistle the packs were fast and hits were hard. This play led to both teams enjoying power jam situations in the first few jams. Stuttgart managed to exploit early power jams in their favour and minimise damage done by CCR power jams, giving them an impressive early lead. Halfway through the first half Stuttgart were ahead 85 to 4.

The next fifteen minutes saw CCR’s defence step up a notch as SVR’s jammers were now being held behind walls they had previously been able to evade and the first half ended 108-13 in Stuttgart’s favour.

However, CCR’s spirits were not deterred as they started the second half with an impressive power jam. With Stuttgart’s jammer and an additional blocker in the box CCR were able to gain some much needed points and momentum making the score 108-28. Closely fought play continued with great defensive walls by both teams meaning both jammers endured a hard time making it through the pack.

Tactical jam starts, becoming increasingly popular within the game, were showcased by both teams and the second half of the bout saw SVR rack up 40 points to CCR’s 39 – a testament to how closely fought the gameplay ended. However, the strength of SVRG’s first fifteen minutes of play and their continued tight walls, effective ‘jammer killers’ and offensive blocking kept the visiting team at bay with the game ending SVR 148 – CCR 52.

CCR headed back to England having thoroughly enjoyed their first taste of international bouting. Now CCR are looking forward to the next of their international opponents, Sioux Falls hailing from South Dakota, USA, who they play host to on Sunday 13th November.

For more details of the next CCR bout including ticket sales visit and come join us for the after party to watch WFTDA Championship Tournament!

Stuttgart Vallery Rollergirlz  17 Noxious Angel (Captain); 81 Titty Twista (Co-Captain); 0 Chibi Abuser; 4 Kitty Carrera; 5 Baba Jaga;  8 Ellie Minate; 9 Blitzkrieg Baby;   13 Polly Purgatory; 85D Silicon Sally; 101 Snowblood; 16Teaze the Tiger; 80 Vegas; 242 Headhunter; Miss S’Kate Mosh (Bench Manager); Skidwheel (Line Up Manager).

Central City Rollergirls ‘Belles of Centrinnians’ 26 Block Star (Captain); 82 Hustle’Her (Co-Captain); 04 Lex Brawl; 20 Billie Whizz; 29 Gerty Go-Go; 42 Agent Dana Scurry; 43 Beth Metal; 45 Ouija Broad; 69 Verry Cherry; 84 Tenacity; 92 Red Gorvette;  100 Dynomite Bo; 119 Scarlet Macabre;  313 Madame Flutterby; Barry Fight (Bench Manager); The Incredible Hulse (Line Up Manager).



Photo courtesy of Olivier Vax