CCR’s home season has officially started!

CCR’s intra-league season kicked off on Saturday 19th November with a nail-biting showdown between the Bad Apples and Queens of Steel. 

Queens of Steel led for most of the game,  but Bad Apples managed to steal the victory in the last few jams, with a final score of 110 – 106.


BAD APPLES: 69 Verry Cherry (Capt); 04 Lex Brawl (Co-Capt); MC5 Kitty Killa; 1337 Incredible Hulse; 3 Tinchy Slyder; 5000 Boots Manuva. Guests: 25 Phaze’Her; 27 Germaine Leer; 72 Bette Outta Hell; 73 Sweet Fighter; 80 Skar Siren; 85 Lethal Sizzle; 360 XBlox. Bench Manager:  Hustle’Her, Line Up Manager: Gerty Go-Go.

QUEENS OF STEEL: 20 Billy Whizz (Capt); 26 Block Star (Co-Capt); 12 Little Nicky; 19 Woo Ha; 42 Agent Dana Scurry; 54 D’Elusive Del; 64 Nancy Spinatra; 84 Tenacity; 119 Scarlett McCabre; Guests 13 Violet Rage; 44 Laura Nokes; 101 Cruel Heller D’ville; 800 Ghouldielocks; 1212 Lola Whip; 8080 Brigitte Wheelson. Bench Manager: Rubix Crude, Line Up Manager: Enzo L Calamity.

CCR are next in action when the Slay Belles (Travel Team B) make their way to Newport to take on Tiger Bay Brawlers on December 3rd.

Photo courtesy of Floyd King.