Tiger Bay Brawlers 201 – 104 CCR Slay Belles

On a cool crisp winter’s morning CCR’s Slay Belles boarded their bus coffees in hand, Roller Derby World Cup antics on their mind and the small matter of a bout of their own to play, if not WIN!

Arriving in Newport after assurances they didn’t need passports to get into Wales,  the Slay Belles wasted no time kitting up and getting ready for the bout.

As the warm ups took place, it was clear that both teams had been training hard,  and had their fingers on the pulse of what ‘s happening in Roller Derby at the moment – both teams looked comfortable ‘taking the knee,’ executing the ‘Philly Wall’ and  counter-action – and also using old skool style booty blocks and killer walls.

CCR took the first lead jammer of the day and called it off, with no points to either team. Tiger Bay (TBB) came out all guns blazing, and the CCR pack work was tight,  but the penalty box’s revolving door was  busy,  giving TBB and CCR chance to show off their effective work when down in numbers.

After 30 minutes of fierce derby HT was called by Head Ref Chaz Tizer (like the fizzy pop off of the 80’s) with the score showing  109 TBB – 32 CCR.

Second half kicked off with a CCR power jam – whatever Captain Incredible Hulse and Bench Staff Stevel Knievel & Lex Brawl said in the interval seemed to be working, but just like the first half of the game TBB came back hard.

More  tight pack work for CCR gave TBB a hard time, and made them work for their points.  Jammers from both sides were in and out of the penalty box,and the aggression of the day’s game started to show on the girl’s faces.

The final score was not on CCR’s side -Tiger Bay won 201 to 104  but the Slays never gave up. Watch out world,  the Slay Belles train hard and play hard…. don’t call them “just the B team”.

Tiger Bay Brawlers: 40oz Kid Block  (Capt); 666 BB Bombshell  (C0-Capt); 8 Jolly Pop; 13 Lola Coaster; 15 Queen LaQueefa; 23 Jen Clawed Van Slamme; 27 Judge Redd; 31 Pretty Grimm; 32 Boba Fetish; 42 Hell Neenio; 44 Billie Pistol; 77 Pricilla Deadly; LD50 Bloxie Blackout; 316 Thrill Collins; 369 Hello Reeshii
Bench Manager: Sian Of The Dead; Line Up Manager: Ava Assassin

CCR Slay Belles: 1337 Incredible Hulse (Capt), 85 Lethal Sizzle (C0-Capt); 2p Tuppenny Hit, 3 Tinchy Slyder; MC5 Kitty Killa; 10 Bunny Massacre; 19 Woo-Ha; 29 Gerty Go-Go; 42 Agent Dana Scurry; 43 Beth Metal; 54 D’Elusive Del; 84 Tenacity; 119 Scarlett Macabre; 5000 Boots Manuva; ALT: 12 Little Nicky;
Bench Manager: Stevel Knievel; Line Up Manager: Lex Brawl


Words by Verry Cherry. Photo All rights reserved by Jon Pountney