Who Are CCR? – #33K Rollin Rat

What he says…

“Once you go Rat, you never go back”

What they say…

Rat has been a dedicated member of CCR from the get go – always taking the time to explain calls to girls, and double checking with the ref crew over calls to make sure the rules are always up-kept

– Verry Cherry



Why Derby? (And why CCR?)

Some girls I used to work with were involved so used to tell me about it. I was set a bet that if I dressed in Derby attire to a practice (tutu etc) my mate (a skater at the time) would pay my £5 dues. But before I had chance CCR had a Scruffy’s fundraiser so we agreed I would do it then. I went shopping for said items (which probably cost about £20) then went to Scruffy’s on the Friday night. I have not looked back since. I got a real feel for the sport, it’s really interesting and exciting to watch. I get to tell girls off for a change. I guess I also stuck around for a certain other skater too but I can’t’ see myself without Roller Derby now. THIS IS MY LIFE.

Is there a story behind you name and number?

Not really, it was decided in a Pub by Cherry and Twist. I was going to be Pack Rat but it was taken so I had a think and because you are on wheels and Roland Rat was an 80’s icon I went with that. The number looks like EEK.

Spread the love! Who do you admire in the World of Derby?

Female – Bonnie D Stroir – I have her Autograph

Male – Quadzilla – I wanna jump that far

Hottest piece of kit?

None. It’s all about the skater and not what wheels or trucks you have

What’s your ‘can’t be without’ piece of kit?

My yellow ref whistle – it looks like cheese

What’s your top tip for bout/practice preparation?

Check over the Rules

Finally, what’s your ultimate derby goal?

To Referee CCR v LRG in a fully sanctioned WFTDA Bout!