Who Are CCR? – #57 Viv La France

At the start of their season CCR said a teary ‘Au Revior!’ to one of the ‘Belles of Centrinnians’ established players and co-captain for home team Bad Apples (2010-11), Viv La France. Viv has sets off to travel the world for a year. We caught up with Viv before she left to get her CCR story…

What She Says…

“Fly over the pack and be awesome!”

–          This is Viv’s ultimate derby goal

What They Say…

“You are a natural jammer!”

–          Lulu Demon (Terminal City Rollergirls) on a recent visit to CCR encouraging Viv to keep on Jammin’!

Why Derby?

I was bored with the gym, and looked on Gumtree to find more interesting ways to exercise. I saw the CCR advert on Gumtree, and the rest is history! It is an awesome sport, and not just about skating around in circles wearing hotpants and fishnets. I love the fact that it’s a DIY sport, with a punkiness about it, and I love that it’s completely unique. Above all, it’s the people I’ve met through it.

Is there a story behind you name and number?

Twisted Mister came up with my name, I’m French so… The 57 is my mum’s birthday, and it’s a lucky number for me.

 Spread the love! Who do you admire in the World of Derby?

 Urkin Jerkin from Rocky Mountain, I love it when she jumps the apex! Vagablonde from LRG and Joy Collision from Charm City are jammers that I really admire.

 What piece of kit has made a difference to your skating the most?

 To me, it’s not about the kit, but about improving myself as a skater and improving my overall fitness which has really made the most difference.

What’s your top tip for bout/practice preparation?

 I polish my skates  and clean my bearings. Boring, but true! I have a good breakfast of Weetabix, fruit, yogurt and orange juice.

 And finally, favourite post bout tipple?

Pear cider.

Viv would like to say a big thank you to CCR “I’ve learned so much over the past few years, and not just about skating. It’s made me a stronger person, and although it’s a cliché, It feels like CCR are a family, so I can’t single out just one person… everyone is awesome!” CCR wishes Viv the best on her travels.