Who Are CCR? – #313 Madame Flutterby

What she says…

“When the whistle goes to signify the final jam of the game I become the ‘Glamour Jammer’”

– Flutts on her jamming appearances near the end of games.

What they say…

“She floats like a butterfly and stings like a b****”

 – Captain Cageman

Why Derby? (And why CCR?)

I saw CCR girls bag packing in my local supermarket and though I’d give it a whirl! I was looking for a hobby that was a little different. I considered belly dancing and burlesque but Roller Derby suited me totally. I loved the fact it was on skates, the derby names, the look of it and later I discovered how much I love the ‘family’ element. CCR are my extended family now. The after parties are awesome and the friends I’ve made are priceless!

Is there a story behind you name and number?

I wanted a name that suited me. I don’t class myself as an aggressive person (well not off track anyway!) All of my tattoos are of butterflies. Twisted suggested I have 313 and turn the first 3 around to form a butterfly.  Ƹ1Ʒ Cool, eh?

Hottest piece of kit?

The piece of kit that has made a difference to my skating the most is new skates! I’ve skated for 2 years on skates a size and a half too small for me! My ‘can’t be without’ piece of kit is stick on stars for my face! And of course my full face of make-up.

Spread the love! Who do you admire in the World of Derby?

A mishmash of skaters – I love the passion of Viv La France, the grace of Hustle’Her, the notoriety of Tragic Wrath, the bottom of Estro Jen… there are so many great skaters out there with excellent qualities it’s difficult to choose just one that I admire.

What’s your favourite pre-bout meal?

Something filling and stodgy. Steak & Ale pie, chips, peas and gravy. Spaghetti Bolognaise and crusty bread.

And finally, favourite post bout tipple?

Sailor Jerry & Diet Coke of course!