Who Are CCR? – #5000 Boots Manuva

What she says…

“YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” (channelling Gandalf)

What they say…

“It’s like hitting a tree!”

 – Scarlet McCabre during a hitting drill

Why Derby? (And why CCR?)

I was at the cinema when a trailer for Whip it came on. My friend turned to me and said “that film looks ok, do you want to see it?” To which I replied, “See it? I want to be in it!” After getting back from the cinema I did a bit of facebook detectivery and found CCR – I think some of my friends had ‘liked’ their page and a couple of mutual friends had been tagged in pictures at bouts. I attended a free skate event full of nerves and excitement and was taken such good care of I went back for more. I love how inclusive the sport is. All ages, sizes, backgrounds, occupations, Derby welcomes everyone. Oh and hitting people of course, Derby replaces that love/hit relationship that I miss since growing out of sibling rivalry with my brothers.

Is there a story behind you name and number?

Everyone wants a name that is kind of personal to them, but it’s soooo hard to chose and find one that hasn’t been taken. I originally wanted ‘Block Belt Jones’ as I love Blaxploitation films but it was similar to about a million girls in my league in one way or another so started looking for names for one of my other loves, rap, and ended up at Boots Manuva. My number has two meanings, Roots Manuva talks about a next type of motion in his song Motion 5000, which being on skates is, also 5000 is the ultimate bus tombola win. Bus tombola is a game we used to play on the way to Monday practices so it’s a shout out to my old school bus crew too.

Spread the love! Who do you admire in the World of Derby?

I’m still learning so much about the game my derby idol changes with every game I watch. I usually pick bits of a person and try to break down bits of what they do and ask for our coaches to help me develop it some way. Our coaches and veterans are awesome pools of knowledge and very patient with my endless questions.

Hottest piece of kit?

All that stuff really goes over my head although I’m still on the look out for some of that magic water they all got powers from in Space Jam! My can’t be without piece of kit would have to be socks! Really pretty knee high socks are all good but I love my Rugby socks that support my feet that little bit better – my boots don’t seem to fit quite as good and feet tend to be a little achey without them!

And finally, what is your ultimate Derby goal?

To star as myself in ‘Whip It 2: Boots’ story to glory.’