Who Are CCR? – Referee Metal Ed

Metal Ed

Metal Ed

What he says…

Make your lead jammer signal nice and high, with a dead straight arm and point at the skaters helmet. “She’s earned that pass, she’s had to battle through the pack and stay clean. You owe it to her to let everyone in the venue know that she’s earned lead jammer”

– Ed with advice from Hunter S Toss’em

What they say…

I love watching you fly around the track, your legs are so long they just sweep underneath in a huge stride and it scares me how fast you can get

– Ghouldielocks #800

Why Derby? (And why CCR?)

I was out with friends in a club and there was some sort of party going on… an after party with all these girls in uniforms hitting each other on the dance floor. We were intrigued and found out they play roller derby. I went to my first practice a while afterwards and I just blew a whistle when I was told to… now here I am! There are some great people involved with roller derby worldwide and it’s great how you instantly can have a connection between someone you’ve never met before and that’s what I really like. I was already within the roller derby scene when I heard of CCR, I eventually joined as it felt a good time to move and I needed new challenges and a more regular schedule to up keep my knowledge and ability. I had a meeting with a member prior to joining to make sure that I would fit in well and it would be in everyone’s best interests. Thankfully they were happy to have me. It felt like my first day at school all over again!

Is there a story behind you name and number?

I love metal music… thrash, heavy, doom, black and anything else! I am a metal head, so Metal Ed was a good choice and I’m still really happy with it, even after seeing some names and thinking “damn, why didn’t I think of that!” I don’t really use my number anymore since I’ve stopped playing men’s derby but I chose it because I really like old number 7 Jack Daniel’s. It was also my number when I played Sunday league football in right midfield.

Spread the love! Who do you admire in the World of Derby?

I have a lot of time and respect for Tripp n’ Dale and Erik Rawk. I met Rawk at a bootcamp and he was happy to chat and mingle with us all and he felt that some of us were experienced enough for him to invite us to apply to go over to the Big O tournament in Oregon last February. I met Tripp at Derby Revolution at the end of June and he had so much time and patience to help out every referee there and spend a bit of time reffing with us in the middle and I got some great feedback and he set our referee skating assessment for certification.

Hottest piece of kit?

I really like my union flag helmet. I’m a very patriotic person and I’m proud to wear it every time I go out there. I loved wearing it in America and got a lot of compliments. I’m still skating on my very first pair of R3s with just a wheel, toe stop and bearing change. None of the pivot cups have gone, the trucks and axles are still in great condition so I’m going to have to say my R3s. Even though they do need changing now really! Watch them fall apart now…

What is your ultimate Derby goal?

I’m really happy with my reffing at the moment and where it’s heading. There is always something new to learn and I look forward to getting to grips with it. I’d like to head over to America a bit more but until we get paid for this then my job must come first unfortunately! I’d really like to referee at the next world cup and even maybe apply to referee at the big 5 and regionals.

And finally, what’s your top tip for bout/practice preparation?

I like skating around warming up on the track with my music on listening to Slayer normally or Pantera, Rammstein or Sabbath. That’s how I get in to the zone… of danger 😉

You can next catch Ed in the danger zone at CCR’s upcoming double header bout on Saturday April 6th, 1pm where they take on Middlesborough Milk Rollers and Croydon Roller Derby at Doug Ellis Sports Centre, near Perry Barr Greyhound Stadium. For more information join the Facebook event here: http://www.facebook.com/events/135814553260500/