Who are CCR? – #84 Tenacity

TenacityWhat She Says:

If you put the effort in with cross training and learning the rules/tactics  you will eventually be better than a skater who has natural talent but doesn’t work hard.

What They Say:

She’s a great skater (whether she realises it or not) and I don’t think I would be with CCR today if it wasn’t for her.

–          CCR’s Agent Dana Scurry

Nass tableWhy Derby? (And why CCR?)

I saw a learn to skate leaflet in Scruffy Murphys and decided to try it. My friend Rachel and I went along.  We both really enjoyed it but I fell over a hurt my elbow and I ended up in A+E as i couldn’t move it properly, it was only bruised. After 4 weeks I was healed and wanted to give it another go. Rachel was never to return although I keep pestering her to give it another go.

Everyone was just lovely, we had so much fun at practice even before I knew what the game was. I felt really welcome and made so many new friends. It just felt that it had been the thing Id been looking for.

It turned from love into obsession when I watched the WFTDA Championships in 2011. I was amazed by the level of skating and tactics. Since then I have traveled round the country and Europe going to as many boot camps and mixed scrimmages as I can.

Is there a story behind you name?

Before I joined CCR I had tried so many different classes, things like Rock Climbing, Belly Dancing or even Scrabble Club.  I hadn’t lasted more than 6 months in any of them. I chose the name Tenacity as I decided Id finally found something that I wanted to stick at and work hard to get better at it.

Spread the love! Who do you admire in the World of Derby? 

I am a total fan girl when it comes to Quadzilla. I saw him first skate at Blood and Thunder and thought he was cheating when I saw him do a star pass for the first time. I’ve been coached by him at a few boot camps and he is pretty damn awesome. 

Hottest piece of kit?

After several issues with skates getting lost in the post, not fitting or turning up the wrong colour. I finally have Semi custom Bonts with Avenger plates and G Rod wheels with yellow cushions. Perfect set up for me.

And finally, what can I get you at the after party?

Walsall Sangria – Rose Wine, orange juice and red bull.