CCR Centrinnians finish second at UKRDA Southern Tournament.

UKRDA S. TourneyOver the bank holiday weekend CCR headed down to the big smoke to be part of the Southern Region Tournament ‘Roller Rumble’ organised by the UKRDA as part of the Great British tattoo show. For many of the visitors at the palatial grounds of Ally Pally, the tournament was a showcase of this increasing popular female dominated sport known as Roller Derby. For the five teams involved this was serious business. Skar Siren recalls how the weekend unfolded below…

CCR were asked to take part in the tournament last minute after another team dropped out and while participation would obviously mean hard work, Centrinnians jumped at the chance: Flights were cancelled, holidays changed, and preparation commenced immediately.

Saturday 25th May (CCR vs BRD)

Being seeded second going into the tournament meant the Centrinnians first game would be against Bristol Roller Derby’s Harbour Harlots (BRD). CCR had met BRD previously when the Harlots took on the league’s second team, the Slay Belles and so although the Centrinnians knew BRD would be tough competition they were determined to give them a run for their money.  Within a few jams of the first whistle Bristol had scored 24 to CCR’s 0 but shaking off the hazy drowsiness of the heat, CCR pulled their walls together and began clawing the points back. At the half time whistle it was pretty much neck and neck. CCR refocused in the break and came out strong in the second half. They took the lead and received a couple of power plays which enabled the Centrinnians to extend the gap to 151 against BRD’s 110. However, BRD continued to fight and started to reduce the points deficit. With 4 mins left to go Bristol regrouped, and put on a brilliant last minute effort exploiting power plays to enable them to rack up 40 points. However, this wasn’t enough to move them to the next round and the game closed at CCR 218 – 204 BRD. CCR’s victory would see them play London Roller Girls’ Brawl Saints in the first game of the following day.

Sunday 26th May (CCR vs LRG, CCR vs BRD, Tournament Final)

Sunday was always going to be a tough day for the Centrinnians with two/three games compared to Saturdays one but after a good night’s rest and a belly full of porridge, CCR set out for the day of debry ahead of them. CCR had not met LRG on track since Tattoo Freeze 2011 when they both had very different line ups. As the first few jams passed LRG picked up a sizeable score but CCR still battled through. CCR experimented with a fruitful rotation of jammers and kept on smiling even when the score differential increased. It was a hard game that LRG’s Brawl Saints dominated with a score line of 388 – 43 , but CCR came out with new ideas, new experiences and ready for their next game.

Based on pre-game seedings, CCR should have played Brighton next, however in a twist of fate (namely Bristol beating 3rd seed Brighton) CCR were to play Bristol again. Both teams had already played earlier in the day and had a better idea of what to expect, but would the story go down the same way? CCR got off to a flying start securing 64 points to Bristol’s 3 in just 10 minutes but BRD were able to claw back some points following CCR penalty trouble. By half time the lead had changed with a score of CCR 82 to BRD 125. BRD managed to keep this lead for well into the second half but in a blink of an eye, CCR came back like a phoenix from the ashes scoring almost 40 points in a matter of minutes. With less than 8 minutes to go the score tied at 159 to 159. At this point the Centrinnians were able to keep their packs tight and regain their lead. Bristol launched one last tenacious effort with one min to go, calling a time out but didn’t manage to catch up with CCR. The game finished at CCR 195 – 172 BRD which meant Bristol secured third place and CCR progressed to the final.

With some water down their necks CCR regrouped and prepared to get right back on track for the tournament final. This was it, what both teams had been preparing for. The game started as the previous match up had and LRG clocked up an early lead. CCR managed to claw some points from a powerjam but a few trips to the sin bin for CCR enabled LRG to extend their lead and by half time the score stood at 184 – 22. CCR powered on but the game played out in a similar fashion to the morning’s matchup: LRG continued to pick up points throughout the game but CCR kept battling through. LRG had amazing packwork and fast jammers enabling them to take the win 411 – 56. CCR were exhausted but beaming with pride and while LRG won the tournament, CCR held their heads high.

Centrinnians player Woo-Ha! aptly summed the weekend up: ‘I’m so proud of the team, really proud. The league has had so many tough challenges this season but securing our second seeding rank in spite of it all, is amazing.‘ Tournament final standings 1st London Rollergirls’ Brawl Saints, 2nd Central City Rollergirls’ Centrinnians, 3rd Bristol Roller Derby’s Harbour Harlots, 4th Brighton Rockers Roller Derby and 5th Kent Roller Girls.

ROSTER: 42 Agent Dana Scurry (Captain); 85 Lethal Sizzle (Co-captain); 10 Bunny Massacre; 19 Woo-Ha!; 119 Scarlette McCabre;  1337 Incredible Hulse; 3 Tinchy Slider; 333 Rubix Crude; 434 Dr Inknockulater; 57 Viv La France; 5000 Boots Manuva; 61 Erin Block’hervich; 69 Verry Cherry; 73 Sweet Fighter; 84  Tenacity; 800 Ghouldielocks. Bench Manager: Barry Fight. Line-Up Manager: Faze’Her.

Words by Skar Siren. Photo courtesy of Illbilly (thanks guys!)

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