Who Are CCR? – #505 Naughtigal Nelly

Nelly headshot

What she says…


What they say…

“Tenacious and a tough skater to get past!”

– Ghouldielocks #800

Nelly tableWhy Derby? (And why CCR?)

Someone invited me to a ‘meat and greet’ for a new team being set up in Birmingham. I found it quite intriguing so went along. It was with a different team that was very new and I needed more structure so I didn’t fall in love with the sport straight away. It was only when I joined CCR that I finally realised what a great sport it was and the dedication that everyone puts into it not just on skates, but behind the scenes too.  I initially started Roller Derby to get fit. But because of the way the sport has grown, I am now trying to get fit to be a better skater.

Is there a story behind you name and number?

My close friends call me naughty Nelly and I love all things nautical, so I mashed the two together to make Nautigal Nelly :). As for my number, the lovely Block Star picked to for me because it looks similar to SOS.

Spread the love! Who do you admire in the World of Derby?

Going to sound mega corny, but everybody in CCR inspires me. From the quietly awesome girls like Dana Scurry and Lethal Sizzle, to the thunderous Viv La France and Ghouldie. Seriously love them all, and wouldn’t be here now without any of them. Outside of CCR I admire Kamikaze Kitten. I mean who doesn’t. SHE IS GENIUS.

Hottest piece of kit?

I’m not very technical with skates, but I do love my semi custom Bonts. My feet are two different sizes and my Bonts fit like a glove (or should that be sock?! tehehe). Other than that, I am happy to try anything once.

What’s your top tip for bout/practice preparation?

I try not to have superstitions in case I forget to do it and feel more anxious than I already get. But I do love to have my red lippy at the ready. Favourite pre-bout meal would be tuna mayo and pasta the night before. On the day its 4 Weetabix in the morning, then I can’t eat anything until after the bout.

And finally, what your favourite post bout tipple?

Drink of a pirate….. RUM!!!

This weekend Nelly and CCR’s Slay Belles travel North to take on Newcastle Roller Girls. You can find out more about the event here or follow us on twitter @The_CCR for updates on the day!