Season round up: The Story So Far…

CCR opened their home season on 15th September against Belgium’s Gent Go-Go Rollergirls. Two months on they are about to welcome their second international visitors this season, Paris Rollergirls. We bring you up to speed on the what has been happening at CCR HQ between the two home games…

  • 15th September 2013 – Central City Rollergirls A v Gent Go-Go Rollergirls. 

Gent and DanaAs season openers go, this one was a pretty awesome affair. Two match ups on the day saw CCR’s A team taking on Gent Go Go Rollergirls and some more home grown talent on show in the form of the Crash Test Brummies taking on South Wales Silures. This was CCR’s first open door WFTDA sanctioned game since Track Queens last year so expectations were high from both teams.

Gent stretched out with an early lead after being gifted some power jam opportunities allowing Gent to open out a respectable 40 point lead in the first 5 minutes. Not a team to give up at the first hurdle CCR’s blockers tightened the screws on the Gent jammers to even things up.  The CCR score began to slowly climb as the blockers from both sides turned up the heat dishing out hefty body blows to blockers and jammers alike. CCR blockers forced a cut to help the girls in black close the score to 52 -40. Both teams continued to battle it out to keep the scores climbing with some brilliant offense on display allowing jammers to hop skip and jump their way through the packs but Gent began to run away with the lead breaking the century mark before half time. CCR’s blockers began to suffocate the Gent jammers in the pack to allow them some precious scoring opportunities before the 1st period whistle.

After a quick regroup and team chat both teams went back to business with CCR gaining an early lead.  Gent struggled to score for a large part of the second period allowing CCR to continue undoing the early damage caused by the Belgian side. Gent’s blockers increased the pace and battled furiously with CCR’s pack work trying to spring their trapped jammers from behind walls of black shirts. With Gent struggling to get lead the score gap widened. Another series of jammer penalties saw some brutal defence from both sides and kept either team from scoring high in power jam play. Both sides jammers began to bear the brunt of the physicality seeing tactical call offs and clock burning taking a toll on the period clock. With the final jams running their full course and a first season home win, the final score sat at CCR 232 -177 Gent.

  • 21st September 2013 – Big Bucks High Rollers vs Central City Rollergirls Slay Belles

Big Bucks and SlaysCCR’s B team the Slay Belles didn’t have quite as far to travel to meet their first opponents of the season, Big Bucks High Rollers based in High Wycombe. Big Bucks kicked off the game as they meant to go on, opening on a power jam, and keeping tight walls to retain their lead meaning the score jumped to 37 – 0 after five minutes of game play. CCR managed to put points on the board around ten minutes in upon receipt of a power play of their own, but the BBHR defence was strong and CCR only managed to pick up 4 points (62 – 4). CCR’s walls tightened up, meaning that the scoring slowed down for the next ten mins (one notable jam it took a minute for anyone to exit the pack), but BBHR pulled away again, with great offense from power plays. At half time the score was 167 – 20.

The Slays pulled together in the second half and showed no signs of giving up but Big Bucks tight walls and effective offense retained their margin. The final whistle blew at BBHR 285 – 55 CCR.

  • 12th October 2013 – Dublin Roller Derby A vs Central City Rollergirls A

On 12th October Central City Rollergirls ventured to the Emerald Isle to take on Dublin Roller Derby. CCR blockers were struggling to contain DRD jammers at the start of the game and although CCR jammers didn’t remain scoreless themselves, tight packs meant the scores crept up slowly. After 15 minutes the scores stood at  DRD 21 – 23 CCR. The play remained the same for much of the first half, with the exceptions being DRD’s exploitation of a couple of power plays that came their way. This meant that at the half the scores stood at CCR 34 – 74 DRD.

CCR stepped up their game in the second half and managed to rack up some points from power jams to get them back in the game and close the gap. After around 10 mins into the second half the scores stood at CCR 84 – DRD 114. Although CCR gave away a few power jams themselves, a series of natural scoring jams with tactical call offs enabled them to put pressure on their hosts as the scores became nail-bitingly close. With around 3 minutes left in the game the scores stood at CCR 122 – 129 DRD. However, with one minute to go DRD received a power play which enabled them to secure the game. The scores closed at DRD 149 – 123 CCR. It was a great, close game, with a few lead changes that kept the crowd on the edge of their seats.Dublin and CCR

  • 17th September 2013 – Central City Rollergirls A and Slay Belles vs Paris Rollergirls A and B

Paris logo blackOn Sunday 17th of November CCR welcomes France’s finest, Paris Rollergirls, to Birmingham for their next home game of their 2013/14 season. This is a double header so first up CCR’s Slay Belles will be taking on Paris Rollergirls’ B Team followed by CCR A taking on Paris’ A team. Since the last CCR home game, both travel teams have picked up losses on the road and will be eager to get back to winning ways on home turf. By comparison, Paris has played their last two games on the road, both A team fixtures, beating Dublin 163 – 158 in July and narrowly losing to London Rockin’ Rollers in June 150 – 149.

Today’s bout is not only the first time these two teams have met, but the first time CCR has taken on any French team. This sees CCR player, Viv La France (Lyon born, but now Birmingham based), squaring up against some of her team mates from the recently announced national squad, Team France. On November 17th the teams have everything to play for and the bouts promise to be fast, furious and fun events! Make sure you’re there to witness it!

Event Info: First whistle blows at 10.00 at North Solihull Sports Centre, Conway Road, B37 5LA and tickets are £5 in advance (£4 concessions), available from You can find out more info from the Facebook event here.

  • International Achievement Unlocked.

Outside of league business roller derby players around the globe have been going through gruelling training sessions and numerous tryouts in a bid to represent their country in their respective 2014 Roller Derby World Cups. The men’s tournament is set to take place in Birmingham, UK, March 14th – 16th 2014 and the Women’s in Dallas, USA in December. CCR are bursting with pride that of the squads currently announced, it can boast two familiar faces. Coach illbilly has been named in the Men’s Team England squad and CCR A team member Viv La France are the current 40 strong Team France roster. High fives all round to those who tried out!illbillyAll photos courtesy of Floyd King Photography

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