Breaking the ice – Tattoo Freeze 2014

Tattoo Freeze, the UKs biggest tattoo expo once again hosted its annual roller derby event alongside live acts, artists, shops and shows.

The UKRDA invited CCR to take part in a one day invitational based on their newly issued rankings system. The event saw CCR pitched against fellow midlanders the Dolly Rockit Rollers in a game which didn’t disappoint.


Other match ups of the day saw first time open door bouters Haunted City (Derby) take on Reaper Rollergirls (Swansea), Blitz Dames (Birmingham) v Kent Rollergirls and Hellfire Harlots (Nottingham) v Newcastle Rollergirls.

CCR have always had a big presence at Tattoo Freeze and this year has been no different. Alongside our A team CCR represented heavily in the officiating crews with a large number of our refs and NSO’s being selected from a large pool of applicants. They continue to showcase the hard work and dedication given by all our officials to the sport. Congratulations all!

After a brief wave to the crowd and a thorough kit check the Central City and Dolly Rockit girls took to the track to get down to business.

The first few jams were tight with neither team wanting to give away much ground but a strong defensive pack allowed CCR to take first blood. DRRs jammer was shut down by CCRs pack work for nearly two laps but emerged as lead jammer to chalk up one for the Leicester team.

With both packs jostling for control and the jammers becoming more inventive in their avoidance techniques we saw our first power jam handed to CCR. This, CCR, capitalised on with maximum effect despite DRR putting up a valiant fight against the CCR offence.


DRR continued to fight hard and earned a handful of lead jammer status’ but CCRs defense continued to lock down both packs and jammers allowing a series of natural grand slams from their own jammers.

The score difference had shot up to 106 – 1 and with no sign of letting up. CCR marched the score forward but the Dollies managed to break the scoring drought with some fierce blocking releasing their jammers to score once more.

CCR suffered a few powerjams which gifted the Dollies an opportunity to try and claw back the deficit. They did, skipping up the inside line to grab well earned points.

After a spell in the box, the fortunes turned in favour of CCR with the Dollies jammers being boxed allowing CCR to rack up the score to 283-21


Fearsome blocking and tenacious jamming from the Dollies kept this game at full throttle till the final whistle and the Dollies continued to hassle the CCR jammers. The crowd were hollering for both teams and as the final seconds drew in the teams gave it their all for the crowd.

Final score: CCR 377-DRR 28

Big hugs and high fives all round for both teams were had.

You can check out CCRs B team in action against Hereford this Sunday 19th of Jan (away) and against Wiltshire on Sunday 26th of Jan (away)

CCRs next A team game (WFTDA sanctioned) is against Tiger Bay in Cardiff Feb 22nd 2014 (away).

Get your tickets here:

Photos courtesy of MDP Images and 50012 Photography.

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