Busy B’s: CCR’s B team face Hereford and Wiltshire


Photo courtesy of MDP Images – see below for info on how to find more of their awesome work.

Sunday 19th January saw CCR’s B team travel just a few junctions down the M5 to meet Hereford Roller Girls, in what turned out to be one of the most hard fought and exciting match ups of their season so far…

CCR were first to put points on the board and kicked off the game with a 3-0 jam. However, in the following jam HRG received a power play which enabled the home team to take the lead in jam 2. Tough defence meant that the scores crept up slowly for both teams, but a power play in CCR’s favour enabled them to regain the lead, with scores standing at 41 – 35 about 15 minutes into the game. The teams were closely matched, and switched power jams, lead changes and lead jammer statuses regularly to keep the game tight and the audience hooked. A last minute power jam for CCR enabled them to regain the lead, with the scores standing at HRG 71 – 78 CCR B after 30 mins of game play.

CCR often suffered from depleted packs in the second half with HRG often gaining lead jammer status and a scoring pass to exploit their pack advantages. It wasn’t long until they had taken the lead at 84 – 78. CCR answered by effectively exploiting a power jam situation to keep them in the game and working hard to retain this lead. With 8 minutes left in the game the scores stood at HRG118 – 131 CCR. For the remainder of the game the packs were fierce with each blocker fighting to save their own point but HRG managed to delay the CCR jammer long enough for their own to get lead jammer status in the majority of the jams. The hosts were able to claw back the deficit, and take the lead. A last attempt to call a time-out from CCR’s bench to get one last jam was futile as the game closed at HRG 141 – 135 CCR B.


Photo courtesy of MDP Images – see below for info on how to find more of their awesome work.

No rest for the wicked (wicked, jungalist massive)…CCR B continue to shake off the January blues by facing off against Wiltshire Roller Derby this Saturday (25th January). The teams last met in December, with CCR B coming away with a decisive win (CCR B 297 – Wiltshire 65). The two team captains tell us what they’ve been up to between then and now:-

cropped-central_city_logo33.jpgCCR B’s Captain Lola Whip: We’re looking forward to playing Wiltshire on their turf. Having played them back in December it will be great to see how much both teams have refined their tactics over the last 6 weeks or so. We’ve certainly been working hard and are all very excited to play Wiltshire again.

1458596_10152119672175774_646914251_nWiltshire’s captain Miss Shell Shock: Wiltshire Roller Derby are really looking forward to the rematch against CCR B’s. We’ve been working hard together after the defeat in December and are hoping that being on Home turf will give us that edge to bridge the score gap this time. Even if we don’t win we’re sure to win the after party. Can’t wait to see all the Lovely CCR ladies again. Miss Shell Shock WRD Captain 2014 xx

You can find out more info on this event here which is proceeded with a mixed men’s game (featuring CCR coach and Crash Test Brummie Captain Cageman amongst others – go get ‘em Cagey!) Can’t make it? Follow this match up at our twitter handle @the_CCR

Photo’s courtesy of MDP Images. Go like them on Facebook here!

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