Beating away the January blues: CCR B Win!

1551592_1406549999593183_973531465_nSunday the 26th of January, it was all aboard the fun bus CCR’s B team made their way to Wiltshire for the return leg of the pre-Christmas bout at home. The scores on the doors the last time these two teams met was 297-65 to CCR. Wiltshire showed how hard they’d been working since they last met giving a solid performance from the get go. With a home team advantage under their belt they gave CCR a cracking game right till the end.

After a last jam loss to the Hereford Horrorbulls by only 6 points the previous week, CCR were more determined than ever to chalk up a victory and came out all guns blazing. The B team have had a busy last quarter and the experience from the previous games and extra training shone through on bout day.

The start of the game saw both teams trading single pass points with Wilts taking first blood. A couple of jams in saw CCR’s first of many natural grand slams pushing the score to WRD 4 – 23 CCR. The defence from both sides caused big problems for jammers as both packs showcased the results of their recent training and discipline; The jammers were sucked in and recycled a number of times in our next jam with CCR only grabbing lead after 4 full laps. The scoreboard kept climbing for CCR pushing up to 46-7, but they were unable to keep the momentum rolling falling foul of the rules and seeing a full penalty box for a number of jams. This opportunity was fully exploited by Wilts letting them close the gap to within striking distance at WRD 47 – 56 CCR. Realising the danger, CCR focused on regaining their initial lead and worked hard to keep the talented Wilts side at bay at half time: WRD 52 – 88 CCR.

The second half was a lot more physical than the first from both sides, neither team wanted to concede any ground and the packs were at full throttle in an effort to dominate their scoring passes. The penalty box reared its ugly head again and stole away players from both sides seeing micropacks and powerjams coming thick and fast. The scores continued to climb with CCR at 125 and Wilts at 99 with 8 mins to go. With Wiltshire driving forward and pulling out all the tricks in their black and green bag, the tides turned in favour of CCR with a series of powerjams being placed in their control. CCR jammers were able to score big leaving Wilts’ unable to close the gap in the time left. With 1 min to go CCR sat at 169-107. A scrappy last jam played out for the crowd and saw Wilts grab 1 more point before the final whistle and the official final at WRD 108 – 177 CCR. A good solid game from both sides saw the crowd satisfied and both teams hard work reflected in the score.


Words by #800 Ghouldielocks

All photos courtesy of and copyright to Wiltshire Roller Derby and their photographer, Steve Perrott.

CCR are next in action this Saturday when the Bad Apples and Queens of Steel lock horns for the first time this season (CCR vs CCR intraleague heat). Fun starts at 4pm, Doug Ellis Sports Centre, Peryr Barr, Birmingham. Free entry!

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