Boutiversary – the big 5 0!

Can you remember the 50th time you did something you loved? The 50th time you chowed down on one of your mom’s roast dinners? The 50th time you watched The Lost Boys? No? Well we are about to.

CCR were formed way back in 2007 (which makes us by no means the oldest, but pretty old in UK derby league terms). Since then we have been privileged to take part in and host many games and events. Saturday 29th March will see CCR take on Croydon Roller Derby in their 50th bout. To celebrate, we asked some of our veterans what their favourite game to watch, officiate or play in out of the other 49. Here are some of their answers…

ARRGBillie Whizz (CCR member since 2007):  It was probably when we beat ARRG at home [Mar 2012]. It’s always great playing them as they are such lovely girls and awesome on track. But this was the first time we’d managed to beat them, and in front of a good crowd as well.

DonnaMadame Flutterby (CCR member since 2008): I think my favourite bout has to be Sioux Falls [Nov 2011]. It was CCR’s first massive game and I was proud to be part of it. I was at the top of my game and all my family came to watch. It was when CCR really turned the corner of awesomeness! Unfortunately the last but one jam was when I got my long standing shoulder injury… but the game was amazing to be a part of.

Verry Cherry (CCR member since 2007):  My fave ccr bout is tough to call there has been so many; even ones we didn’t win have had moments I’ll never forget! I whittled down to…Leeds [Jan 2010] – Our first win. The pic of us all with Baz [head coach, Barry Fight] doing a fist pump says it all; Gent Go Go [Sept 2013] – winning against a team who really put us though our paces & winning by playing our game was sweet; I’d also say the UKRDA tourney at Ally Pally [May 2013] – it was burning hot but all the team & the people who supported us came together & pushed hard so we made it to the final. We didn’t win but we knew we’d been the best we could be. I’ll never forget how great it felt to be part of CCR!

RRatty at Sioux FallsRollin’ Rat (CCR member since 2009): Stuttgart Valley Rollergirls [Oct 2011] as it was the first time CCR travelled to Europe OR CCR v Sioux Falls [Nov 2011] which was our first WFTDA Sanctioned Bout. It so was awesome to be a part of CCR history as well as being able to referee along side some top class referees.

Block Star (CCR member since 2008): My favourite ever bout was against the London Rockin’ Rollers in [May] 2011. Going into the bout, I think that the whole team, and the derby community, all thought that we would put up a good fight, but that we would ultimately lose the bout. However, we prepared hard for that bout, nailing down tactics and improving our fitness for weeks into the run up. My captain’s speech before the bout went something along the lines of, “If we play the way we’ve been practicing, this can be our game, ladies,” but I knew everyone was still bricking it. When the bout started and I got into jam position- the other jammer pushed up against me to intimidate me, I thought, “Bring it!” and pushed back right back so that we were playing reverse ass tug of war. We won that bout due to our tight teamwork and I was immensely proud of us. It felt amazing and I was buzzing about it for weeks afterward.

Movember Reign - Juha Halmu

Hustle’Her (CCR member since 2007): It’s a toss up between 2, our first ever win against Leeds [Jan 2010] when we took it in the last jam – Rubix Crude was score keeper and left us in suspense by delaying putting our points on the board (we won in the last jam 104 -99)… Or the Rainy City game [Nov 2010] where again it went down to the last jam. Verry Cherry’s suicide hit on the jammer meant I got her point as well as all the blockers and we won by one point 85 – 84. We kept our heads and never give up.


Gerty Go-Go (CCR Member since 2007): Probably our home team interleague final when the Bad Apples won [June 2012]. It was hard playing your own team mates but I really enjoyed it and it was an added bonus that we won!

The Incredible Hulse (CCR member since 2008):  I would say the first Slay Belles game [Dec 2009], because it was the first B team bout and also the first game I ever played in for CCR – It was both terrifying and awesome. We played against Middlesbrough Milk Rollers, it was quite an exciting time because it was the first time CCR had enough players to field a B team! Also it was Christmas themed! Who doesn’t love Christmas?!

Yan (CCR member since 2009): Playing Rainy City at their place and beating them as covered by “These boots are made for rolling!” Because it was so close! [Nov 2010]

Barry Fight (CCR member since 2008): Best games… The very first one we won against Leeds way back in the day [Jan 2010]: We went into the final jam down on points, our very own Rubix Crude was on the score board and seemed to take her time updating the board in order for us to see the result. The one pointer away against Rainy [Nov 2010]: Fantastic bout that was tight from start to finish. Going into the final jam 3 points down to win by 1, amazing indeed. Tiger Bay [Feb 2014]: No matter what was thrown our way composure and quality were maintained. Of these 3, the Leeds one is probably the most relevant as we’re talking about our history but Tiger Bay was the best I think we’ve played all things considered. Favourite – I think I will go for the Rainy City game, it’s the closest we’ve ever come to an overtime jam which made it hella fun.

Ouija Broad (founding member of CCR in 2007): Our first team win against Leeds (away) [Jan 2010]. Leeds had recently thrashed us at a tournament hosted by MMR. So when it came to the rematch we went out fighting. We had something to prove to the RD community. I recall Rubix had just joined us and was the score tracker. The score was so close it pained her to stay impartial. Back then there was no immediate score updates so we had to wait… We won, by about 4 points I think. All summed up by that iconic pic of CCR surrounding Barry with him punching the air. CCR had arrived!barry air punch

If you want to celebrate the big 50 with CCR come down to Doug Ellis Sports Centre (Wellhead Lane, B42 2SY) on Saturday March 29th. Doors open at 13:00 and first whistle is at 14:00. Tickets are £5 in advance or £8 on the door or £15 for a VIP ticket with food vouchers, goodie bag and the most comfortable trackside seating! The 50th person to buy an advance ticket will also win some brand spanking new his and her tees  to watch the bout in! (A ladies fit CCR tee and a men’s Skate Hut tee courtesy of sponsors.) Get tickets here:

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