Official Business Is Official

CCR are bursting with pride to announce that three of its referee crew have been selected to officiate at the Roller Derby World Cup in Dallas, December 2014. To help raise funds for their trip, and to help spread the stripey love, the ‘Dallas 3’ are pimping themselves out to help a ref crew near you to refine practices and enhance understanding. Sleaze tells us more…


“When I first took up refereeing I didn’t imagine I would be 18 months down the line, fundraising to cover my costs in order to ref the Women’s World Cup in Dallas.

To be fair there is a lot about refereeing that I didn’t imagine happening. I didn’t imagine I would ever want to go for ref cert. I didn’t imagine I’d ever actually read the UK refs Fb group discussions. I didn’t imagine nearly piercing my finger trying to sew patches onto ref tops. And I didn’t imagine I would be giving people advice on how to survive it.

Officiating is a weird business. It’s like navigating tunnels without a map. If you know the right people they can help you out, but otherwise you can feel very disconnected from the rest of roller derby and it can be hard to progress.

I know the right people. That’s the main reason that two years, two months and two weeks after my first ever open bout as a referee; I’ll be standing for the national anthem in Texas, about to officiate the best roller derby in the world. Don’t get me wrong, I have worked my ass off for this. But without guidance, support and the odd dare here and there I would never have even sent in an application form.

Which brings me to my point:

As part of our fundraising to get us overseas, Ratty, Metal Ed and I have started this: We want to help you. We want to give you what you’ve missed out on and pass on some of the amazing experiences we’ve had in our time on skates.

Not applied for tournaments because you miss the deadlines? Or are scared of what the form will ask you for? We’ve been there, we know and we can show you what you need to do.

Brand new to reffing and don’t understand what a “skate-and-wait” is? Get your kit on, we’ll skate you through it until you’re happy.

Want to question cuts? Daren’t bring up star passes on the UK refs Fb group? Or want a bash at sitting the Hella Hard ref test? WE CAN HELP YOU. Get in touch with us, tell us what you need and we will take it from there. All we ask is that you cover our petrol costs to reach you – and make a donation to our fund to take us to America: We have ten years’ experience between us. We’ve started leagues, trained refs, dealt with just about every scenario you can in derby. Now we want to pay it back.”

You can read more about Sleaze’s adventures in officiating at her blog here.





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