Spring/Summer Update

CCR HQ had a pretty busing bouting schedule over the last couple of months – here is a round up in case you missed out…

04/05/14: CCR hosted a double header with One Love Roller Dolls from Antwerp taking on the A team and CCR B taking on Shrewsbury’s Evolution Rollergirls. CCR managed to finish the day with the much coveted double win, but not until after some fierce competition…

CCRA One LoveCCR A 192 – OLRD 93
: This game was closer than the score line alludes to; after 25 mins play the scores stood at 47 apiece. A couple of power plays saw CCR get the lead just before half time making it 77-59. The home team managed to pull away in the second half however, their visitors often giving away a pack advantage allowing CCR defence to dampen their scoring opportunities. CCR outscored their opponents 115 – 34 in the second half, but ORLD made them fight for every one of those points!
CCR B 265 – Evolution 123: CCR got off to a dominating start and although Evolution had flashes of breakout these were more disparate then they would have liked and the first half finished 114 – 56 in the home team’s favour. However, Evo came out in the second half fighting. They managed to reduce the power plays they were giving away and slow CCR’s scoring but they could not maintain this pace to make a lasting effect on the scoreline and CCR resumed their dominant play. An inspired final jam from Evolution saw them claw back some of the deficit but there simply wasn’t enough time left to do any more damage and CCR B came away with the win.


17/05/14: CCR travelled up to visit Hot Wheel Roller Derby in an A vs A and B vs B double header. The B team brought home another decisive win, while the A team finished victorious in a lead-changing, nail-biter of a game.
HWRD B 105 – CCR B 203: The first few jams exchanged lead jammer status between the two teams, but before long CCR were granted a power play and taking full advantage took the score to 7-52 after 9 minutes of play. Not to be outdone, Hot Wheel exploited a few power plays of their own, and coupled with their fair share of lead jammer statuses were able to close the deficit slightly, closing the half on 63-96 to the visitors. Hot Wheel jammers were able to steal points here and there, but in general CCR defence dampened their scoring runs in the second half, enabling CCR to extend their lead resulting in a definite win.
HWRD A 164 – CCR A 180: The first half of the game saw a neck and neck battle almost every jam. There were several 0-0 stand offs to keep scores low as lead jammers raced round to the fast packs to steal a few points here or there before their counterparts could catch up. Scores at half time stood at 74- 75 to CCR. In the second half it looked like Hot Wheel were pulling ahead but some stoic defending from both teams enabled the scores to stay close and eventually CCR took the lead with a few last ten minute power plays in their favour.

30/05/14: SKOD 2014: At the end of May our A team were cordially invited to be a part of one of the most exciting European tournaments of the calendar year 2014: Skate Odyssey tournament hosted by Gent Go-Go Rollergirls, Belgium.
CCR 205 – LRR 158: CCR dominated the first half with tight team work but LRR stepped up a gear to put the pressure on before half time gaining ground on the scoreboard making it difficult for CCR to score. Returning from half time both teams came out fighting and grappled for overall control of the score. CCR’s campaign to shut out LRR for a large part of the second half seemed to work in their favour but the score difference was cut short in the last 10 minutes by penalty trouble allowing LRR to narrow the gap and reduce the damage.
CCR progressed into the semi finals to take on hosts Gent Go-Go Rollergirls in what was the most explosive game of the weekend’s tournament.
CCRA GentGent Go-Go 166 – CCR 158: A slow start saw Gent’s physical jammers capitalise on scoring opportunities to place a hefty lead over CCR. The score gap began to widen for a short while and although it seemed somewhat unachievable, CCR started to lock down the Gent jammers. The points scale began to even out as CCR’s packs went into overdrive refusing to let their opposing jammers gain any ground. A 90 point deficit was reduced to 50, then to 30, to 20 and then to 10 in the second half with Gent seemingly unable to score. CCR continued to push forwards and despite Gent’s best efforts in the last five crucial minutes CCR were able to take the lead with a series of power jams. A powerjam was gifted to Gent just before the the dying seconds allowing them to bring the score closer and another jam was granted after a Gent timeout before the period had expired. Both jammers fought furiously but it was Gent who prevailed edging it out to a narrow 8 point win.
CCR, although knocked out of the final, were now playing for 3rd and 4th place against Kallio Rolling Rainbow (Helsinki, Finland).
CCR 106 – Kallio 162: Another well matched pair of teams saw the lead on the scoreboard flick between CCR and Kallio with both sides suffering from seemingly endless penalty trouble. Kallio took full advantage and a set of powerjams in their favour saw CCR begin to trail the Finnish team. A final push in the last ten minutes saw CCR limit the damage of KRR against the scoreboard but it was too little too late. Kallio pushed forward and sprinted across the line to take the win.
Gent signageA hard and well fought set of games saw Central City Rollergirls finish 4th overall. With a wealth of experience under our belts from this wonderful tournament and new friends made on the continent and CCR continue to look forward to the challenges of the second half of our season. Congratulations to Gent Go Go Rollergirls for hosting a flawless tournament and being such gracious hosts.

What’s next?: CCR A travel to Nottingham this Saturday (19/07) to face the Hellfire Harlots. These two teams have never met on track before and although CCR are the slightly higher ranked team Hellfire have an undefeated home record in 2014 which they will be eager to retain and promises for an exciting match up. Further info here. The weekend after, 26/0714 CCR B team travel North to face Manchester Roller Derby’s B team, another unfamiliar match up that promises an explosive day’s action in a double header with local men’s league Crash Test Brummies taking on MRD’s New Wheeled Order! Further info here.

All photos courtesy of the awesome Floyd King Photography.

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