Ref vs Ref: It’ll all end in tears… or sweaty hugs.

refsBe afraid… be very afraid… This weekend sees something we don’t believe Roller Derby has ever seen before. A role reversal where skaters take on skating official roles and referees take to the track. That’s right, I know, I know this is mental…you were totally justified in just spitting out your tea over your laptop/smartphone in disbelief.

We continue our #officialsweek celebrations by bringing to you a once in a lifetime event where we get to see our referee crew go head to head on track and battle it out for the ‘not the world cup, cup’ in order to raise funds for CCR referees making their way to Dallas later this year to officiate the Roller Derby World Cup…. and they are really getting into the swing of things too! Facebook smack talk has been rife leading up to the event with the two teams (named after their favourite rules, duh – they are referees) facing off…

As Yvel (Team 1.3.2) pointed out, “I don’t need smack talk, we’ve got the skills to put Shref on his butt and make him admire ours.

Team 2.2.2 did not take those comments lying down and soon dropped some bombs of their own,,, “Ratty’s chances of winning are about as small as he is! *mic drop* (Ed, Team 2.2.2).

What could it all mean? Is this a coded threat? Has the competition sent Ratty insane?

What could it all mean? Is this a coded threat? Has the competition sent Ratty insane?

Then, something that nobody could have predicted happened. Ratty (team captain of 1.3.2) left a bizarre coded message to silence his opposition…

To get to the bottom of this eiree threat, join us tomorrow to see how the day unfolds:

  • The day opens with a co-ed mixed scrim after doors open at 1pm, first whistle at 2pm, referee role reversal game at 4pm.
  • Advanced (and reduced) ticket sales are available online until 2pm on 03/10/14 from here. Limited available on the door.
  • Location: Doug Ellis Sports Centre, Perry Barr, B42 2SY.
  • More details on the Facebook event here.
  • If you can’t attend the event you can follow our tweet cast from @The_CCR

Following this event, the next time CCR takes to their home track will be October 25th where they host a one day tournament. More information on that here.

Photo courtesy of Floyd King Photography

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