Meet the Coaches – Dana Scurry

CCR TT Dana Scurry


Next coach is up… Dana Scurry!

Dana is a top tier blocker and jammer for Central City, she captained CCR’s A team for 2 successive years across 3 seasons and has also represented her country playing for Team Ireland at the 2014 Womens World Cup in Dallas, Texas.


Photo credit – Floyd King Photography:

Dana is an expert in edge work, utilizing every square millimeter of her wheels to skip past and blast through walls. She is a potent defensive force as well as a main rotation jammer. A true triple threat, she has earned her reputation as one of the top skaters in the UK.


Photo credit – Floyd King Photography.

Dana will be teaming up with our head coach Illbilly to take you through your paces in footwork and running a separate class in defensive blocking. you can expect a plethora of drills n techniques designed to help you maximise your performance and deliver crucial moves to help you as a blocker and a jammer.

The last few tickets are available at:

12th September 2015

Event page:

Doug Ellis Sports Centre, 150 Wellhead lane Birmingham.

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