Attack of the B teams! Team announcement….

The London Rockin’ Rollers!


London’s original red and black army are one of the UK’s oldest leagues, full WFTDA members and continue to represent the very essence of derby spirit.  LRR have been a key part of UK tournaments this year, the All Stars have just finished a challenging season in Brit Champs seeing some tough competition, and LRR’s Rising Stars led a successful campaign at Eastbourne Extreme 2015 coming in an impressive 2nd place!


LRR’s Rising Stars are the next generation of London’s finest Rockin’ Rollers. We are excited to see what the ladies from the Capital bring to the table and wish to offer them a warm welcome into….Attack of the B Teams!

We caught up with some of LRR’s Rising Stars to find out some more about them…


Despiser Minnelli, Justice, Dirty DC, Brute, Sneakachu, Hooton Intolerant


Tell us about your team:

DM – Badasses are the rising stars of the London Rockin’ Rollers. They are a hard working competitive team that love playing derby and take no prisoners on the track. Recently they have kicked up a storm at Eastbourne Extreme making it to the final in 2014 & 2015 (the only years they have been invited).

J – London Rockin’ Rollers is just an amazing team to be in. That is all.

On game day you will usually find me…

D.D/C – Regretting not washing my pads before arriving at the venue.

H-Int – In a Brash (Irn-Brute and SlappeDash) sandwich.

Brute – Screaming encouragement at my teammates

Favourite training slogan/montage/motivational speech?

DM – Do the thing, score the points, and let’s do it with a smile on our face.


Who are you looking forward to matching up against today?

DM – Tiger Bay. We know they are going to be a tough team but excited to play against them

Sneak – Looking forward to a possible london derby derby.

Dirty D/C – All of ’em! Bring it on!

If you could have any celebrity/fictional character on your team, who would it be and why?

DM – Von Bitch is our own born and bred celebrity. She skates hard and is just awesome! We’ll settle having her on the bench with us

Sneak – Charizard. Because he’s a motherfudging dragon.

J – Will Smith. Who wouldn’t want to see him on skates?

What’s next for you?

DM – We have a home game against the Whipping Hinnies at home at the end of November… We are very excited to play against them… Been itching to play them for a while

J – Just been made a crossover so working really hard to be the best I can on both teams. Looking forward to our boot camp at the start of November with awesome coaches then our Intraleague at the start of December where I get to be a Neanderdoll!!

H – Int – Party train!/making sure Miss Justice is actually on the party train.

Tickets available from

Doug Ellis Sports Centre, 150 Well Head Lane, Perry Barr Birmingham –  Oct 31st-Nov 1st!

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