Attack of the B Teams! Team Announcement… Tiger Bay and Central City!

There’s something a foot in the concrete jungle, the other animals are getting restless…..There have been reports of roars rolling over the hills and valleys… it must be time to introduce our next competitors…. Tiger Bay Brawlers!

Tiger Bay Brawlers


We are pleased to announce the return of Wales’ premier roller derby export, the mighty Tiger Bay Brawlers. Having laid out a campaign for #brawlerdomination for the past 3 seasons, Tiger bay leap from strength to strength in the rankings and continue to produce excellent results.


Photo credit Floyd King Photography

Tiger Bay’s B team boast an impressive track record and we are very excited to welcome them into the competition once again.

We caught up with Tiger Bay to find out some more about what makes these cats purr…

Name: Brock’n Roller  (Capt)

Tell us about your team:

 The Tiger Bay Brawlers B team have been playing since Oct 2011.  2015 has been a great year for us so far.  Highlights for us were taking part in our first European tournament (in Eindhoven) and our recent nail bitingly close win against London’s formidable Batter C Power!

On game day you will usually find me…

…rushing around making sure everyone in the team is where they’re supposed to be! On track my role is to be a supportive blocker (although I do like to try some cheeky offence too!)

 Favourite training slogan/montage/motivational speech?

My favourite slogan has to be Nike’s ‘Just Do It’.  Simple but effective!  And also our own slogan ‘B BOMBS SKATE TOGETHER’


Photo credit Floyd King Photography

Who are you looking forward to matching up against today?

It has to be Batter C Power again!  Every time we’ve met on track our games have been really close, and just last week we played them for the third time, and won by just 6 points!

If you could have any celebrity/fictional character on your team, who would it be and why?

I put this one out to the team, who came back with…

The Rock! He’s a machine and when you were losing focus he shouts ‘FOCUS!’ at you…but he also has the nicest smile..PLUS when you were sad he could give you the best firemans lift! (Nominated by Strizz)
Pikachu because he’s so in tune with the rest of his team – he also sacrifices himself for the good of it. He never gives up, is loyal and true to himself. He’s f&@king bad ass. (Nominated by Smash Ketchum)

and one more…
The Invisible Woman, because she would be an awesome jammer! (nominated by Nikilla)

What’s next for you?

This tournament is my last as captain, and I’ve been proud to lead the team throughout 2015.  We work together on our goals, and our key objectives have been to build on our strong teamwork, and look after each other. Everyone on this team is an inspiration to me, and I’m ridiculously proud of all of them!

Our next team little introduction, hailing from the depths of England’s mystical Midlands, our hosts are busy preparing the festivities, sharpening their skills and are ready to lay the gauntlet down for our visitors…. it’s none other than…

Central City Rollergirls


We caught up with Captain Skar Siren to find out a little more about CCR


Photo credit Floyd King Photography

Tell us about your team:

Taken from the mean streets of Birmingham, we have assembled a mix of experienced and new skaters for Central City’s second travel team. Like many before us, we’ve undergone various changes this season and introduced a whole host of new skaters who are ready to keep that b team passion burning. We recently met Hellfire Harlots B Team and played our first game in our current guise. It was a great experience and really inspiring to see the work the team had put in.

On game day you will usually find me…

…outwardly, in a state of zen like calm. Inwardly, wondering if everything is going to plan and running everything through my head about five times. As soon as that whistle goes though, I forget it all, and you’ll find me very happily blocking on the track.

Favorite training slogan/montage/motivational speech?

“Impossible is a dare”

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success”


Who are you looking forward to matching up against today?

Honestly, everyone. Each team we asked, we asked because they’re impressive teams in their own right. I was part of the crew who chose these teams and I’m pretty excited they accepted.

If you could have any celebrity/fictional character on your team, who would it be and why?

Team England’s Illbilly, dressed as Wonder woman. Two for the price of one.

What’s next for you?

After the tournament, we will be winding down for the season and like a bear will go into hibernation. Afterwards, also like a bear, we’ll come back energised and fierce, ready to take on the world!

Tickets available at

31st October – 1st of November, Doug Ellis Sports Centre, 150 Wellhead lane, Birmingham.

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