Surfing, Surfing USA!

We’ve been keeping this under our helmets for a while now… It’s finally time….

We are pleased to announce that Central City Rollergirls have been invited to compete at the 3rd Annual Beach Brawl tournament in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. This trip will mark a huge milestone in the leagues history as we travel to proudly represent our country and city as the first Midlands team ever to compete stateside!


Beach Brawl is a fully sanctioned Women’s Flat Track Derby Association invitational tournament hosted by Gold Coast Derby Grrls. It hosts 24 domestic and international roller derby teams every year and is fast becoming one of the sports most recognised tournaments for high level play.

We are really honoured to have been selected for this year’s competition. As a league we have worked extremely hard over the last few seasons to really push our global rankings and cement our standing within Europe as a competitive force across all of our teams. Beach Brawl will see the A team facing some of their toughest opponents to date who will not only challenge fitness, skill, speed and teamwork but will drive CCR to further cement the quality of UK Roller Derby.


As you might expect our team are pretty excited so we asked them to put into their own words what going to beach brawl means to them:

Verry Cherry – “This is such a huge opportunity for us and we’ve been working towards this goal for a few years now so it’s amazing to see it finally happen. As well as training for the toughest event of our season calendar, we also have a real focus on fundraising. As a not for profit club who are self-funded we have to raise some serious cash to get the squad, our coaches and officials there. It’s all hands on deck to make this American dream happen! We’re a lucky bunch here at CCR, the league is more than just the 14 gals on the track, it’s a league of people all pulling together to make things happen.”

Dr Knock (co-cap) – “Competing in the USA is a huge milestone we have had in our sights for a while now, so it is quite hard to believe it is really happening! We are already working hard on and off the track, nailing our formations and putting in the hours improving our performance.”

“For the A team, this will be our first transatlantic tournament, and whilst CCR clocked up some impressive mileage last year, travelling to Belgium, France, Sweden (as well as Wales and Scotland twice!), we are yet to compete on American soil. We hope to gain some valuable experience meeting international teams, maintaining our team work and development focus we set last year and continuing to progress our WFTDA rankings.”


“Personally, I cannot wait for this opportunity! We had a fantastic 2015 season competing all over Europe having a lot of fun and success both on and off the track. Competing in America feels like a natural progression from this and I am ready to take on the challenge and experiences with my team.”

We are truly thankful for all the support we have received over the years and it’s fair to say we wouldn’t have been able to achieve as much as we have as a league without all the love and support from friends and family, and also our ever dedicated fans.


As the song goes  ‘We’d get by with a little help from our friends’ so now more than ever, we need your help. If you can spare a pound or two to help us make this amazing dream a reality please  donate to our fundraising page here:

All proceeds raised will help our team, officials & bench staff cover the huge costs of attending this once in a life time event.

We will be hosting a multitude of awesome events in the run up to Beach Brawl from bumper raffles, boot-camps, games and officiating clinics to help us top up the kitty and give YOU our fans some ace chances to get involved with CCR’s journey to the USA.

So please check out our events page and keep a beady eye on our facebook page and website for upcoming activities & competitions we’ll be running to help us conquer the USA!

Events Page –

Donations –

Facebook –


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