CCR Officials in another European First!

It’s not only our skaters who are celebrated here at CCR, our Officials are too!

Last week a selection of CCR’s officials headed over to Malmö, Sweden to take part in Europe’s first ever Division 1 tournament! The European Smackdown was hosted by Crime City Rollers and SuckerPunch skate shop and looked to gather Europe’s top ranked teams together to play in a multi day sanctioned event.


Photo Credit – John Hesse

London, Glasgow, Stockholm, Helsinki, Crime City and Detroit all descended to duke it out D1 style. This weekend saw some of the highest level sanctioned play available outside of the USA. With Sanctioned games becoming increasingly tough to find this side of the pond, Smackdown offered a stepping stone for Europe, the leagues, the fans and officials.

Not only did 3 of our Referees make the cut, Our Head of Officiating Metal Ed was also selected to Crew Head this prestigious event. We caught up with Ed, Ratty and Stubble to get their thoughts on a momentous weekend for European Officiating.

Metal Ed –


Photo Credit – Thomas Phil –

“It’s so good to see a tournament of this calibre in Europe and for us to be invited out to officiate is a great honour and recognition of all our achievements. Roller derby in comparison, is still in its infancy as a sport so it’s important to remember that all these events are paving the way for the future and it’s so cool to be officiating all of these “first ever…” events. A big thank you to all of the organisers too, so well put together and the crowd and atmosphere were brilliant.”


Photo Credit – Marko Niemelä –

Rollin Rat –


Photo Credit – Peter Troest –

Having been lucky enough to have refereed tournaments in Europe previously in Belgium for SKOD and in France for Fantastic 8 and West Track Story and internationally at the World Cup and The BIG O I wasn’t going to miss out on this.

As with any tournament you always apply with the hope of getting accepted and even though I was recently certified it is not a guarantee so when I receive that “congratulations” mail it made my day.


Photo Credit – Marko Niemelä –

The Games across the weekend (including Friday) were not surprisingly amazing. It’s great that this has finally happened, D1 level play this side of the water. If you have seen any of these teams play before then it wouldn’t be a surprised that it has happened.  It was great to have so much support for the Teams and the Officials but all were there for one purpose, to see some great match ups and history been made.

The future of European High Level Derby is in safe hands and it’s just going to go from strength to strength. In a few years time at hopefully Smackdown 2020 and when we have more high level D1 Tournaments across the Europe we can say we were there.

Stubble Entendre –


Photo Credit – John Hesse

It was a huge honour to be selected to officiate at The European Smackdown, a tournament which promised to be the highest level of roller derby game play Europe had to offer for 2016 – and it certainly didn’t fall short of that mark! The games were tough, dynamic, and highly technical with a wide degree of variability in how skaters engaged – a hugely enjoyable challenge!

On top of this was the joy of working with Europe’s finest officials, a truly rich source of talent and experience. Standing amongst the group of unbelievably gifted officials was both humbling and uplifting – a reminder that Europe is blessed indeed to have so many dedicated and hard-working individuals keeping roller derby as safe and fair as it can be.

A huge thanks to (the other) CCR for their hard working volunteers and organisers who worked tirelessly all weekend to keep the event running smoothly and keeping us all so well-fed. Thanks also to the tournament management for providing the platform upon which we were able to do the thing we love so dearly.

We love our officials here at Central City, and we want to extend our huge congratulations to Ed, Stubble and Ratty for their great performance at The European Smackdown. If you’re anything like us, we can’t wait to see what adventures our officials have next!

Don’t forget to check out our events page for details on the WFTDA Officiating clinic and our fundraising page for Beach Brawl where you can help our officials as well as our skaters get to Beach Brawl 2016!

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