Road to Playoffs 2016


Tournament season is upon us again and the annual pilgrimage to Championships showcases some of the fiercest competition seen in the sport. Derby fans the world over tune in at all hours to share the joy and heartbreak of their favourite teams. We have already seen some stellar match ups from D2 and D1 events and with 3 playoffs weekend remaining there is still so much to come.

Playoffs & Champs Tournament season is very much the pinnacle of the officiating calendar too. The very best in the world assemble to showcase their talent and to oversee fair play and game flow for several weekends of the year.

This playoffs cycle sees CCR Official Metal Ed attending his second D1 playoffs and representing the UK in Vancouver. With nearly 6 years of high level officiating under his belt and no stranger to making history, Ed will be the first British skating official to have made the pick for D1 playoffs for two consecutive years.

We caught up with Ed to ask him a few questions about his upcoming travels:

  • As an Official how do you get to be selected for Playoffs?

It’s not easy, building up a reputation as a good official is always a good start, so I’d recommend travelling and getting your name out there. It’s easier said than done as it can be a very expensive journey! Building up to sanctioned play but knowing where and when to move up to the next level is also important; moving up too far too fast can leave you treading water and not performing well which can hurt your chances of advancement.

  • Are you looking forward to Playoffs this season?

Yes! It’s always a nice high level of play that’s very challenging and rewarding. To be able to get to go two years running feels very accomplishing.


(Photo Credit – Roller Derby on Film – Jason Ruffell. )

  • Do you have any tournament survival tips/things you swear by at events?

If you’re not on first, watch the first game as a crew, it’ll help get in the right frame of mind, help the crew get to know one another and to watch and discuss incidents on track to ensure consistency and good metrics. Eat well (don’t rely on sweets!) and stay hydrated. I like to sit down in the quiet after a particularly loud or busy game, just helps me to decompress and relax.

  • Do you have any predictions for who we might see progress to champs?

I don’t usually do predictions, but the brackets make for some very good match ups!

  • You’ve a had lot of success over your Officiating career, what advice do you have for any aspiring officials out there who want to get to tournaments like Playoffs?

Travel, help get your name out there and start building up a reputation for yourself. Unfortunately for playoffs it means heading to America to officiate, so future CHRs and THRs can see you in action and not make assessments from paperwork.

From all of us at CCR we want to wish Ed all the best for Vancouver and D1 Playoffs this year! We know he’ll be fab.

You can catch all the action and join us in cheering Ed on from the 16th of September.

Tournament information:

Live stream link:



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