JAMdemic! Oct 29th – 30th 2016



Doug Ellis Sports Centre.

One of the last remaining outposts.

A virulent disease has broken out across the roller derby community, turning skaters into blood thirsty Zom-B’s. WFTDA has declared a major Jamdemic.

Six teams of specialists from across Europe have declared their commitment to finding a cure for the disease. The virus is spreading fast and they have only 2 days in which to plan their strategy, use their strengths and skill and secure the sought after antidote trophy. Only one team will be victorious.

Who will save humanity?

This Halloween, Central City Rollergirls present their annual B Team Roller Derby tournament. The event started in 2014 with a one day tournament and has now grown into a bigger, bolder tournament across two whole days. This year the tournament is called JAMdemic and will see 6 teams from across Europe battle it out for supremacy! Last year’s winners London Rollergirls Batter C will return to defend their title but the other teams won’t be making it easy for them. Announced so far we have Tiger Bay Brawlers B, Leeds Whip Its, Brussels Roller Derby Pixies, Central City B Team, and one more to be announced.

Come join in on the fun! It’s a family friendly event, with roller derby, stalls, raffle, and so much more. Tickets are available here:

JAMdemic! Roller Derby Tickets

If you would like to nso or ref please click here:

NSO or REF Application

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