From Toulouse to Cardiff, Manchester and Barcelona!

Since our last update, the folk at CCR have been busy!

Back in March, Central City A took a trip to Toulouse to take part in Capitol Clash hosted by Roller Derby Toulouse. Over the weekend, we faced the formidable hosts, Nothing Toulouse and the mighty Stockholm Roller Derby.

Photo Credit Julien Dessevre

Two skaters made their CCR A team open game debut – El and Jeneral, welcome to the team! And Rollin Rat was also Tournament Head Ref because he’s quite good at that official stuff.

Although we didn’t bring home any wins, we all still had a lovely time and brought home plenty to work on.

Photo Credit John Hesse

Photo Credit Julien Dessevre

Then we took both our A & B teams down to Cardiff to fight it out in a double header with Tiger Bay Brawlers.

Photo credit Adam Chard

Game one saw the respective B teams battle it out and it was a nail biter full of lead changes. But CCR B pulled away in the second half to take the win.

The A team followed suit, taking the crowd on a roller coaster ride of lead changes, apex jumps, grinding defence and multiple neck-and-neck scores!

Photo credi: Adam Chard

The game went right down to the wire and, with just a few points in it, Not Sorry Laurie snatched lead in the final jam, grabbed her points and called it, bringing home the second win of the day.

Last weekend, there was a lot of roller derby happening across Europe. 

Rainy City hosted the first Euro Cup in Manchester, featuring Rainy, Helsinki, Crime City, Kallio and Stockholm.

Rollin Rat and Honor Rampage, two of our finest officials, travelled north to help make Euro Cup 2018 a success. Congratulations Rainy City (and Dana Scurry who we miss loads!) for taking home the trophy!

In Barcelona, the third Men’s Roller Derby World Cup took place, this year being the biggest yet!

25 nations sent their best skaters to the the Costa Brava to battle it out and Birmingham sent out their best cheering squad!

Photo Credit Floyd King

It wasn’t all sangria and tapas however. CCR referee Anton Dec donned his stripes to keep the skaters in check.

Photo Credit Paul Jones

Whether you were there in person or watching on the live stream, you probably heard our Verry Cherry on the mic!


And finally, our coach Illbilly represented England once again, storming through the stages and taking England into the final against USA.

The lads put in a brave and determined performance, keeping the scores neck-and-neck for the first few jams.

Alas, USA stretched out the lead and took home gold.

Photo Credit John Hesse

Ilbilly and the rest of the squad brought home silver and we could not be more proud of them! Congratulations on an amazing tournament and you’ll get them pesky Americans next time.

As you can see, we like to get around.

So where else can you see CCR over the next few weeks?

  • Saturday 14th April – Central City v Newcastle Roller Girls. Walker Activity Dome, Newcastle.
  • Sunday 15th April – CCR Open Skate Session. Joseph Chamberlain College, Birmingham.
  • Saturday 21st April – CCR officials being official. West Track Story. Nantes, France.
  • 4th-6th May – Verry Cherry on the mic and Rollin Rat wearing stripes. The Big O. Eugene, Oregon.
  • Saturday 5th May – CCR Open Skate Session. Joseph Chamberlain College, Birmingham.
  • Saturday 12th May – Central City v London Rockin’ Rollers. Glasgow
  • Sunday 20th May – Central City v Steel City. EuroClash, Newcastle.
  • Sunday 27th May – CCR FREE Roller Derby Taster Session. Doug Ellis Sports Centre, Birmingham.

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