Skater Profile: Brooks #63

1) When did you join CCR and why?
Summer 2016. I wanted the opportunity to learn from coaches and players I’d spent a long time looking up to, as well as being able to push myself against tougher opposition.

2) Favourite Derby memory?
Opening the email saying I’d made the England top 60 in 2014.

3) Which position do you play?
Over the years I’ve done them all but enjoying settling in as a jammer at CCR.

4) Derby hero?
Rogue Runner, not just for her incredible athleticism and positive approach to the game but for spending so much time helping me to develop as a player in the early days.

5)Derby goals?
To develop alongside CCR’s incredibly strong and deep jammer rotation to pull more and more of weight season by season.

6) Most embarrassing derby moment?
That Dolly Rockit Roller’s “Baby one more time” video. Fortunately, I get to keep reliving it.

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