Skater Profile: Roll Darl #85

1) When did you join CCR and why?
I joined CCR in March 2014. I’d had 2 succession of house mates (CCRs Tenacity/Nass and later Dana Scurry of CCR/Team Ireland/Rainy City fame. At the time, I was just sick of stinky pads drying on my bathroom radiators but eventually they wore me down. It seemed like a good way to make friends, the gym is so antisocial!

2) Favourite Derby memory?
Skating in Colorado for Mayday Mayhem was pretty awesome (the post tournament hot tubs, white water rafting and horse riding were pretty amazing too!) Getting to skate a high jammer rotation at Brit Champs Tier 1 finals recently and winning an actual medal is going up there in my top memory list.

3) Which position do you play?
I am a jammer.

4) Derby hero?
I’m not very savvy with the famouses in derby world but my derby heros are the women I skate with – people who wrangle 3 children and then come to block the hell out of a practice, the skaters who drive an hour and a half to practice 3 times a week, those coming back after injury to be stronger than ever and those just generally kicking ass!

5)Derby goals?
I’ve tried to have derby goals at the start of each season. Some of those I haven’t always achieved so I’ve had to readjust things. But I have also achieved some milestones too, including skating in USA and Brit Champs. I’m also really chuffed that our B team has been unbeaten this season so far. Current derby goals is to jam at the continental cup in October!

6) Most embarrassing derby moment?
Have you seen me jam? Every moment is an embarrassing derby moment! Flails

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