Skater Profile: Weston Super Clare #99


Weston Super Clare

Weston Super Clare

1) When did you join CCR and why?

I transferred to CCR in 2011 when I came to Birmingham to complete my MSc in Hydrogeology at Birmingham uni. They seemed like an alright bunch so I stayed… and it’s my 8th CCRiversary this year.

2) Favourite Derby memory?

So many! I’ve really loved travelling and staying together as a team, and all the associated interpretative dance-offs and pool parties that come with that. Together we’ve been to the USA and all over europe; Miami, Colorado, Berlin, Ghent, and Gothenburg to name a few.

3) Which position do you play?

Jammer for life, baby.

4) Derby hero?

In the interest of word count I’m going to keep this brief; Freight Train, Scald Eagle, Curly Haar, Loren Mutch and also every jammer ever- it’s a hard life and you’re smashing it ❤

5) Derby goals?

I’m currently working on improving control when I use my edges and my explosivity to exploit gaps as they appear. I’m aspiring to master that ‘falling but also skating and also staying in bounds’ style that just blows my mind, man. Our jammer school has been super helpful in building my confidence to try new skills.

6) Most embarrassing derby moment?

But in all seriousness, I don’t really embarrass that easily, mainly due to the SHEER VOLUME of embarrassing things I do.

Some highlights: there’s the time I was hit off track at a Dublin game and managed to end up sitting neatly between some spectators in the bleachers. When faced with Optimus Grime as the last blocker out the front of a pack at one of the Louisey Rider Cup tournys I decided to squeak and very elaborately call off the jam to much amusement from the crowd. There’s also the time I stopped a little too late and totalled Anton Deck (one of our excellent refs) and we ended up sprawled on the outside of the track together during a game against London Brawl Saints…. the list goes on. I also think I have photos of all of these incidents.

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