Skater Profile: Smaller Mauler #108

1) When did you join CCR and why?

I joined CCR in Spring 2018 from Roller Derby Leicester. My partner Not Sorry Laurie made the same transfer the year before, had good things to say about every aspect of the league, and her skating had become even more badass so I wanted in on that too!

2) Favourite Derby memory?
I don’t think I can pick just one! My favourite memories are all to do with the wonderful folk I’ve met since starting to learn to skate in Leicester.  Particular highlights have been spending time with teamies and watching the skating at the  Roller Derby World Cup in 2018,  travelling to Gothenburg with CCR this year , power ballad car journeys and   all the fun , silly things  you get up to with teammates at various events.

3) Which position do you play?

I’m a jammer with a jammer’s soul, but I like all the positions

4) Derby hero?

Being a shorty I have a soft spot for fellow tiny skaters. My favourites are Shorty McLightning Pants from Auld Reekie and CCR’s very own Tinchy Slider. And Shortstop, obviously.

5)Derby goals?

I want to get as good as I can get at Roller Derby. At the moment I’m a B-team skater, but would like to progress further and aim beyond that.

6) Most embarrassing derby moment?

Typically my most embarrassing moment was at a scrim where I knew no one, and both my toe-stops simultaneously fell out mid-jam and I kept falling over. Worst of all, my future teamie Verry Cherry was the event announcer. Hopefully she doesn’t remember it!

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