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==//America, BLOCK yeah!\\==
CCR are proud to be hosting a US tv dinner inspired ROOKIE TOURNAMENT available to all those skaters who have passed their minimum skills but are seeking to improve their roller derby game play. If you fall into the 0-5 games category, this tournament is for you!

There will be 4 amazing teams!
You will play 3 x 20 minute games!
You will receive experienced Bench and Line Up from CCR!

Tickets will go on sale 4pm Sunday 6th March.

Skater Tickets = £25 (includes scrim shirt)
Spectator Tickets = £5

Date: 24.4.16
Location: Midlands Roller Arena, LE17 5JD

Tournament Tickets
Skater Ticket inc T-Shirt £25.00 GBP
Spectator Ticket £5.00 GBP