Captains Log: 2012/13 Season Round Up

Next weekend see CCR’s final game of their season (which usually runs in a timeframe similar to the academic year, Sept – Julyish). Centrinnians’ captain Agent Dana Scurry takes this time to think about what happened over the last year at CCR HQ and talks us through her inaugural season…


Taking a knee – just a distant memory… Cents vs BBHR


Slays vs BRD

Well, another season has passed and having finished the Cent’s last game some weeks ago against Hot Wheel Roller Derby, it has given me a chance to reflect on the season. I started the season in my first captaincy role as co-captain of the Cents supporting Captain Hustle. CCR had undergone an off season that involved a complete set of try-outs for the first time, so everybody had been practicing and were ready to take on a new season.

We began our first games against Big Bucks and Bristol, a win and a loss made for an interesting day for all involved. Next up was Leeds Roller Dolls, although we didn’t know it at the time we would meet Leeds again a few weeks later during the Track Queens Tournament in Berlin.  First up was Slays v Whip Its with this being the first time we had played Leeds B Team. They proved themselves to be an excellent opponent with their tactical play giving way to a decent win.


Cents vs LRD

What I also didn’t know at the time was this was to be the first game where I had to take the captain mantle (contrary to popular belief, this is not some majestic ceremony where you get handed some form of crown and everyone holds hands and sings hymns, but follows the process of Barry Fight scribbling a ‘C’ on your arm in permanent marker). During the first half, the CCR ‘Curse of the Captains’ struck for the third time and Hustle had to remove herself from the game due to injury. For those of you that don’t know CCR Cent’s Captains have a habit of injuring themselves around Christmas time meaning for the majority of the season the co-captain has had to stand in for them. This co-captain then goes on to win the captain position in the next season, and the cycle continues. Happily for any budding future CCR captains Hustle is the first to return to skating, so we hope the curse is broken, Hurrah! The game itself was possibly one of the most high energy games I have played, but we managed to pull a win out of the bag and went home in high spirits.

Being a new captain, you can imagine that I wouldn’t envisage my first predicted captaincy slot to involve Europe’s first ranked WFTDA Tournament, but as fate would have it, it did. This weekend would also sadly see the final games (for some time) for several long standing skaters who decided to take time out to focus on their lives outside Derby. The tournament venue was a pretty amazing warehouse filled with busy European worker bees buzzing around who ensured the tournament went ahead with true German efficiency. The atmosphere was amazing and it was great to see so many familiar faces gathered in the same place.

ARRG at Berlin

Track Queens (vs ARRG)

One set of very familiar faces were that of Auld Reekie Rollergirls who we would be playing on the first day (all the way to Berlin to meet our most played competitor). It was a close game, but ARRG had the upper hand, which spelled the start their very successful weekend accumulating in one of their newer skaters winning a tournament award! (Can’t really argue with that can you?) For CCR the result meant another meeting with LRD! With CCR girls dropping like flies to injury after our battle with ARRG we had a team shuffle and prepared for our 6am start the next day (ouch!) The hand of fate struck again, with LRD pulling a convincing win out of the bag and leaving us with our final game against Glasgow Roller Derby, our third most played competitor.

GRD at Berlin

Track Queens (vs GRD)

You might ask yourself at which point I realised that my first captaincy stint had turned into a ‘Baptism in Fire’ scenario? Well, it was about the time I woke up, again at 6am, on Sunday morning and realised I had been hit by a two-tonne ARRG/LRD truck. Both physical and mental preparation are paramount to these highly demanding tournaments, and the thought did cross my mind as to how I was going to face the freezing foggy streets of Berlin to make the trek down to the venue to play another game. Happily for me I proudly play for CCR and had a network of budding supporters both within the team and those who had come along for the ride, which made this but a fleeting thought and suddenly it didn’t seem like quite such a hard task. This led us onto our last game of the weekend, a thoroughly enjoyable match against GRD.

December brought an interesting double header when CCR Slays took on Newcastle and the CCR Ragers did battle with Eastern Block, a mixed team who had come together specially in order to give us a good game. Two hard slogs and two losses at home but a great day which saw CCR making new friends with a range of skaters from all the corners of the world (well the North and South East of England).


Slays vs CRD

Next up in April was Slays v Croydon, a very challenging game for our B Team (but then they are always up for a good challenge) and Cents v MMR. Slays took on the challenge in true CCR style and played a great game against such a fearsome opponent. Cents taking on MMR (who have a bit of history of mixed games themselves) was possibly my most harrowing experience of roller derby, as I wasn’t playing! Happily however the team managed to take the win in my absence.

Shoetown v Slays saw another closely matched game, with the final score only being decided in the last few jams of the game with a win for Shoetown, but then again they were wearing capes, and you cant really argue with super heroes now can you? (Well you can but you are unlikely to succeed).

UKRDA S. Tourney

UKRDA Southern Tourney

When an unexpected last minute invite was made to the Great Southern Tournament we were all over getting our tournament hats on again. The best thing about this weekend was how brilliantly everybody on the squad pulled together and shared the load. In total we played four games over two days, three being on Sunday and two being back to back! Everybody played their part and the standard of play from the team really showed off the hard work everyone had been putting in. It was smiling faces all around and the freezing fog of Berlin seemed like another lifetime. As fate would have it, we only played 2 teams Bristol and LRG, twice with similar patterns to both games, but we had the opportunity of playing teams we have never met before. Although we didn’t get to play Brighton Rollergirls, they deserve a BIG shout out for being No.1 on my list of nicest teams I’ve met!

As I am writing this I am eagerly awaiting CCR’s last game of the season against Severn Roller Torrent, and am excited about how Slays are shaping up to take on our last challenge. Whilst this season has been probably one of the most challenging for CCR since her arrival on the Derby scene some six years ago, it has also been full of achievements that have made CCR stronger than she ever has been before.

Agent Dana Scurry

Agent Dana Scurry

–          Agent Dana Scurry
(Captain of Centrinnians 2012/13)
Special Thanks to Floyd King who has provided CCR with over a season’s worth of awesome photographs of our players and gameplay. You can see more of his amazing work at

Next weekend see CCR’s Slay Belles travel to Gloucester to meet Severn Roller Torrent, you can find more information on the Facebook event here, or follow us on the day on Twitter @the_CCR.

Who are CCR? – #434 Dr Inknockulator

Dr Inknockulator

What she says…

“Be calm, stay positive, always believe”

What they say…

“Your a** is dangerous”

– Typhoid Mary

Knock table

Why Derby?

I was at Cocks Moors gym whilst a bout was going on and saw loads of people on skates and wanted to know more. I went in the sports hall and spoke to Enzo who briefly explained the rules and gave me contact details.   A week later I was at my first noob session being taught how to stay upright on skates by Twisted Mister!

Is there a story behind your name and number?

I do research using vaccinations and spent the first year of my skating career finishing my PhD, and in many ways skating helped me with that so thought it was apt!

At the time I chose it, I reeeeeally wanted to be <.05 (being the number which represents significance in statistical tests) but the number 5 was taken and was deemed too similar.  434 is the number of people I vaccinated during my PhD, which isn’t quite as geeky but I’m very used to hearing the refs call it now!

What’s your favourite skate set up?

My Antiks with avenger magnesium plates, purple suregrip cushions and radar flat outrageous wheels.  Clearly I’m not loyal to just one brand!

What piece of kit has made a difference to your skating the most?

Although its not really a piece of kit, I think off skates fitness helped me early on in my derby career. Whilst my skating skills didn’t improve in tandem with my fitness, I definitely appreciate it now. Plus it made me feel like I was really improving at something at the time!

Skating specific, probably upgrading my skates to comfy Antiks.

Favourite pre-bout meal?

To be honest I’m still experimenting with bout day nutrition to try and get it right – I’m still working on the balance between feeling not too full and having enough energy! At the last bout, I had a big salad and that seemed to work quite well!

And finally, what is your ultimate Derby goal?

Once we’ve scored ALL the points and taken over the world? I’d love to do scientific research involving roller derby and vaccinations somehow…

NRG’s Canny Belters 259 – 122 CCR’s Slay Belles

1bBr71pfLgGJUMPyOnIo2XzKVPy26NAFiqO6iHf9qDs%2CCHKMijG26ML5T6_-TNU6rQrcvqBbVkLJau6C2QerzQYOn Saturday 29th July CCR’s Slay Belles made the jaunt up the M1 to take on Newcastle Rollergirl’s Canny Belters. When the teams previously met in Birmingham in Dec 2012 the Belters claimed a narrow victory, but what was in store for the Newcastle leg of the fixture? Axlegrinder McQueen tells us about the day below…

It was a long journey to Newcastle. A very long journey. But on the CCR fun bus spirits we kept our sprits high for what was going to be an epic battle of a game. We arrived to find an odd looking building concealing a very nice dome shaped sports hall and at 3 o’clock both teams were ready for action.

NRG’s jammer was first to break the pack and take the first points of the game but CCR came back strong taking the second jam. NRG’s strong walls enabled their nippy jammers to rack up the points for a while but a series of CCR power jams allowed the Slays to stay in the game. At half time the scores stood at NRG 132 – CCR 55.

ZR95l4WWA-u4c1hnr7ffbcgh6AW_p8WTo3VRrC8WQtQOne tuna sarnie later and CCR started the second half with another power jam which, after picking up some points, was called off to prevent NRG scoring. Toe stop drama occurred when CCR’s jammer lost one on the jam line and had to step aside for essential skate maintenance, NRG seized this opportunity to get some more points on the board. The second half also saw some awesome jammer on jammer action which showcased the determination of both teams. Despite CCR digging in their heels to give them a real fight NRG continued to play extremely well. The game had seen both teams work their stripy socks off and the final whistle went at NRG 259 – 122 CCR.

But the day was not over! Always looking on the bright side, we paid a visit to the Angel of the North (culture vultures), before jumping back in the fun bus and slapping in the Ultimate Office Party CD (like I said, culture vultures) and away we went on our long, long journey home.

CCR ROSTER: 1212 Lola Whip (Captain),14 Blocker Bye Baby, 1832 EmRaa, 22 Em on Bread, 286 Charlie Scraplin, 29 Gerty GoGo, 43 Beth Metal, 44 Nok-turnal, 5000 Boots Manuva, 505 Naughtigal Nelly, 61 Erin Blockhervich, 80 Skar Siren 99 Weston Super Clare, M30W Kat Fighter. Line Up Manager: Faze’her. Bench Manager: Tinchy Slider.

Every fancied trying Derby? CCR are hosting a free to attend ‘Get Your Skates On’ event and invite all over 18s to come and have a taste of quaddy goodness this Saturday! (6th July 2013, 12 – 2pm) You can find more information about the event held at Doug Ellis Sports Centre, Perry Barr by joining the facebook event here. Or email new skate coach Twister Mister to reserve hire kit at See you there!

Photos courtesy of Floyd King