Reviewing Twenty Nineteen in Pictures

As another season draws to an end, CCR look back fondly to recall some of the moments that made the year. There has been amazing times, there has been tough times. But as long as you have your team to ride those waves with you, you’re doing pretty alright.

British Champs – Round 1 – CCR B vs Wiltshire Roller Derby (February 2019)

I orchestrated this during a ridiculously long time out. We were just waiting, just chilling. I saw Floyd (King, photographer) just chilling. So I said ‘Oi, Floyd, take a picture!’. That’s why this incredibly overly posed photo exists. I recall I wore a leopard print all in one, CCR top and protective collarbone top. It was my first game after my open reduction with internal fixation surgery. I was apprehensive before the game, but I really enjoyed it. – Milly Idol 

CCR A vs Middlebrough Roller Derby (April 2019)

This season I made the jump back to CCR which was fairly nerve racking for me wondering where I could fit back in or what my contribution to the team would be. I was so pleased with the warm reception, this was my first game back and I was in a pack with skaters I’d never worked with before. We really gelled together by focusing on how we could compliment each other again. We got a great result and this ended up being one of my favourite games on this season! – Gemma Harvey

British Champs – Round 2 – CCR B vs North Wales Roller Derby (April 2019)

Ever since starting Roller Derby one of my goals has been to compete in the British Championships. It’s taken 5 years, but this year our B team took part in division 2 of the 2019 championships.

To do it with such a fantastic bunch of people was just the icing on the cake and I look forward to joining my lovely B-Team on track next year, hopefully in the champs! – Rita Skater

CCR B vs Bristol Roller Derby B (May2019)

I loved the Bristol game, for me it was the first time I really felt part of the B team and we played so well together. This photo means a lot to me because I don’t often get to block with Abi but when I do it’s like wearing a comfy pair of slippers – she’s just in my head and we go into blocking autopilot! – Sharpe

Mischief Managed – Roller Derby Scrimmage hosted by CCR (September 2019)

We had a wonderful and very nerdy day on the 7th of September as we invited everyone to join us at Hogwarts for a magic-packed day of fun! We were really lucky to have such awesome attendees, including all the skaters who took part to skate with pride for their houses and who really bought into the theme with some amazing pun names (Smagrid, Nymphafloor-her Tonks, and PeskiPixel Pesternomi to name but a few), the fabulous refs, our amazing announcing crew (Snoogins, James Brown, and our own Verry Cherry), and all of the CCR volunteers who came together to help us run the event! Stay tuned; you never know, you might be able to make it onto platform 9 and 3/4 in 2020 as well…. – Weston Super Clare

This is just me passing myself off as a defence against the dark arts teacher giving some first year refs some pointers as part of the officials clinic we ran alongside the games. It was a lot of fun, I enjoyed myself! – Anton Deck

Great Yorkshire Showdown – CCR B vs Sheffield Steel B Roller Derby B (Oct 2019)

Had so much fun with teamies this year at Yorkshire Showdown. This is me tripping over the track lines post-jam and trying to style it out. Falling is fun! – Smaller Mauler

Hassle in Newcastle Tournament – CCR B vs Rainy City C (Nov 2019)

This photo was from NRGs Hassle in Newcastle B team tournament this year. After having spent 4 years as a jammer, mid this year I transitioned to blocking/pivving. This photo, as ridiculous as it seems, balancing on one leg trying to block the opposing jammer on my chest out the front of the pack, to me is a representation of my growth and development. It was a really fun weekend with my team and the best we’ve played together all year. – Roll Darl

ECC – CCR A vs Kallio (October 2019)

Ok so, this was my first ever sanctioned WFTDA game at my first ever tournament. The weekend went by so quickly and I’d never been so physically/mentally/emotionally tired in my life once it finished. But I would do it all again tomorrow. I guess this was my first taste of the next level up of roller derby and it was amazing. – Harris

ECC – CCR A vs Auld Reekie (October 2019)

“If I hold on to you, you can’t leave us” I heard a rumour it was going to this legend’s last game and I was happy we gave Woo a win to go out on. She’s a true athlete & and inspirational skater, I’m lucky to call myself her teammate. – Treble

My WFTDA skating career had come full circle. Starting with that fateful game against Auld Reekie at Track Queens in Stuttgart in 2012 and ending with this game against Auld Reekie this time in Helsinki in 2019.
I’m hugging this mighty little bean so tight because she saw my heart break after the final whistle and she knew what I needed.
#alwaysthisteam – Woo

ECC – CCR A vs Auld Reekie (October 2019)

I LOVE this photo.
The story behind it…? During the summer my Mum died unexpectedly while receiving treatment for cancer of the jaw. When it happened CCR were on our summer break and I’d just been switched from Pivot to Jammer for ECC. I’d planned all sorts of off-skates and conditioning – that all went in the bin and I only had 2 months to get up to speed for jamming.
It was hard, and I put off dealing with some things so that I could mentally, physically and emotionally get myself to ECC. All the admin and organisation that go with a close family member dying is exhausting, both for those most affected but also for their partners. My SO did everything he could to look after me, and without him it would have been so much harder that I can’t imagine how I would have got up every morning. He took me to practise, knowing I needed to go and skate but not wanting to have me drive the long round trip from the countryside in to Birmingham. Practise and skating was the one time my mind was genuinely off what had happened – I wasn’t happy but I couldn’t spend time thinking about everything as the rest of my team would have kicked my arse skating.
This photo is taken immediately after the last jam of our last game at ECC; we won, I was happy for few short moments and then the world came crashing in again – I no longer had that distraction. My partner was watching on the stream and tells me he knew exactly what was going on. This amazing sport gave my mind time away from pain even if it was just for shorts stints. The off-season is hard, but very much needed – my fingers are broken from another season with CCR and they need time to get better ready for the next. My head is getting there and I know that in January I’ll be ready to get back into the next season. Tha
Thank you Marko Niemelä for capturing this when CCR’s “support” in the form of Vicky Verry Cherry came to check on me. Thank you to the rest of CCR for not going easy on me in training, and most of all to my partner Aero who made sure I made it to the precious few practises I had in the run-up to Helsinki. – El

Typhoid Mary
This year we said goodbye to CCR alumni Typhoid Mary #404. Her funeral was a beautiful service full of memories & a meme slideshow, attended by CCR members past & present. Twisted Mister giving a funny & touching speech and a collection for Mind was given in her honour ❤ – Cherry



Thanks to all the amazing photographers who take their time to photograph roller derby. We appreciate all the effort you put in, the money you spend and the hours editing shots. Photos used her from Floyd King, Roller Derby on Film (Hassle) and Marko Niemelä (El ECC). If one of these photos has not been credited correctly, let us know!

Hello 2019!

Welcome everybody to the 2019 Roller Derby season! The year ahead is shaping up nicely, and as a league, we can’t wait to get stuck in. Next week, our B Team head to Wiltshire to begin their journey into British Champs, taking inspiration from our A Team who were victorious in Brit Champs Tier 1 in 2018.

As we grease our elbows, and shake off the cobwebs, we caught up with newly selected A team Co Captain Not Sorry Laurie, and B team leadership Roll Darl, Charlie Scraplin and Drinkwater.

Welcome to 2019 new season, what are the team’s plans for the upcoming seaons?

Laurie: “Last year we broke new ground by achieving our highest ever WFTDA ranking and qualifying as a 5th seed for the inaugural European Continental Cup. For 2019 we want to consolidate and build on these gains and on our seeding whilst remaining a thoroughly classy outfit.”

Charlie (B Team Co Captain): “We are excited for the 2019 season as it is our first year playing Brit Champs as a B team. We aim to take on champs in a competitive way (eyes on the prize) whilst also taking the time to develop our newer skaters. Along with Brit Champs we also have other exciting fixtures for the B team throughout the year so we are looking at a packed and awesome 2019.”

You have been selected as team leadership, what does it mean to be part of the group driving CCR forward?

Drinkwater (coach): “Its a great privilege to be part of the leadership team working with great captains & awesome skaters. We had an awesome 2018 with success in all our open door games for the year and we hope to build on this success after earning the position to play in British Champs for 2019. It’s an exciting and humbling experience to be able to share this journey with the B team and be a part of its continued success”

Laurie: “It’s a huge privilege to be chosen to help lead CCR A for the year ahead. It’ll be another exciting season containing some tasty looking fixtures. There’ll be challenges along the way but as always they’ll come accompanied by opportunities too.”

Any final words for our friends and supporters?

Laurie: “A successful team requires strong foundations and we’re so fortunate to have such enormous dedication off the track as well as on it. CCR couldn’t function without the tremendous work done by everyone who makes up our league and I can’t thank them enough for what they do. The same goes for our fans who have given us huge support, particularly at the Continental Cup. There’s no doubt ours was the loudest and (most fashion conscious) section of the crowd.”

Roll Darl (Co Captain): “Our supporters are really important to the league – from our talented NSOs and skating officials, people who bake cakes for home fixtures, other skaters taking on volunteering roles and of course those who come to our games to whoop and cheer and sometimes wear pink spandex and legwarmers – we thank you!

We’d love to see lots of support for the B Team in Brit Champs this year so please do come along, watch some great derby and get involved! (We also usually go to the pub after) *Pink Spandex encouraged but not necessary”

2019, let’s do this!



CCR B Team’s next game is February 23rd, 2019 against Wiltshire (Brit Champs)

CCR A Teams next game is on April 6th, 2019 against Middlesborough.

Photos thanks to Floyd King Photography