Centrinnians Win! CCR 223 – 109 LRR

Saturday 19th May saw Central City Rollergirls’ Centrinnians take on London Rockin’ Rollers All Stars at Cocks Moors Woods Leisure Centre, Birmingham. The last time these teams met for a full bout CCR were victorious, but earlier in the year when they met in the final of the UKRDA Tournament at Tattoo Freeze, LRR came away with the win and the 2012 Tattoo Freeze Trophy. Going into the bout CCR were eager to settle the score, while LRR wanted revenge for the defeat CCR inflicted on them a year ago in London.

Both teams lined up with vastly different teams when they met on May Day 2011 and the game started cautiously with LRR taking lead jammer in the first few jams but with CCR’s jammer exiting the pack not far behind, there were a few ‘hit it and quit it’ jams. The scores crept up slowly, with LRR picking up a point per jam making it LRR 3 – CCR 0 a few jams in. 8 minutes into the game LRR took the first decisive lead of the game eking out 13 – 2 lead, a testament to the tight pack work and impenetrable walls being displayed by both teams.

Then came the first power jam of the day… both teams received one each in short succession and the scores jumped up to CCR 21 – 35 LRR. Scores remained close for the majority of the first half, with no team taking a decisive lead until CCR gained another power play just before half time with the half ending at CCR 88 – 45 LRR.

LRR started the second half strong, and looked to be clawing the deficit back scoring 14 unanswered points but shortly after CCR used a power jam to bring their lead back and then some, dominating the score line for the entire second half. LRR made the most of their power plays when they came, but it wasn’t enough to regain the lead and CCR kept pulling away until the bout closed at CCR 223 – 109 LRR.

Power jams, which are currently proving so pivotal in the game, yet again proved to be a deciding factor in this bout. When either team had the advantage, stationary packs meant that blockers made it easy for their jammers to rack up a huge amount of points and exploit these to their full potential. On the day, CCR had the edge and came away with the win but we can’t wait to see what happens when the two teams next meet on track.

ROSTER: 82 Hustle’Her (Captain); 3 Tinchy Slider; o4 Lex Brawl; 10 Bunny Massacre; 20 Billie Whizz; 42 Agent Dana Scurry; 54 D’Elusive Del; 69 Verry Cherry; 84 Tenacity; 85 Lethal Sizzle; 100 Dynamite Bo; 119 Scarlett McCabre; 333 Rubix Crude; 666 Tragic Wrath. Bench Manager: Barry Fight. LUM: Block Star

Awards:- MVP: Tinchy Slider; Best Jammer: Hustle’Her; Best Blocker: Tragic Wrath

Photos courtesy of Scott Jones.

The next home bout CCR have will be their intra league final on Saturday June 2nd where Bad Apples will take on reigning Champions Disco Beaters. Further details to be released soon!


CCR ‘Centrinnians’ 167 AULD REEKIE ROLLER GIRLS ‘Twisted Thistles’ 131

In a double-header on March 10th 2012, CCR hosted two leagues from the North of the UK and both bouts saw CCR battle tirelessly to the finish.

In the second bout of the day, the league’s A Team, Centrinnians, met with Auld Reekie Roller Girls (ARRG) in a milestone bout, their first as full WFTDA members. For Centrinnians it proved to be sixth time lucky as they bagged their first win against long-term (friendly) rivals, ARRG.

The game started off cautiously with neither team scoring in the first jam. In the next few jams the game remained close, typical of past meetings between CCR and ARRG, as CCR held the lead by one point.

The first sizeable lead of the day was experienced when CCR extended their lead during a couple of power plays in close succession to make it 46 – 21 in their favour. CCR had another couple of power plays before the half was out but ARRG defense during this time kept them from being too damaging to their scoreline. The half ended with the scores standing CCR 84- ARRG 52.

The start of the second half remained close; Jammers were exiting the packs hip to hip causing some quick jams that rarely went to more than one scoring pass, if that. ARRG  then received a power play, which despite some good bridging from CCR blockers to keep the jammer in the pack as long as possible, they were able to exploit effectively bringing the scores to only a three point difference, CCR 84 – 81 ARRG. 

Riled up by scoreline,  ARRG then took to the lead for the first time in the game, making the scores CCR 84 – ARRG 90, and mirroring the first game of the day, both teams took turns to enjoy power plays opportunities in the jams that followed.

ARRG drew their lead out to 116 – 95 at one point, but CCR were determined to get that win on home turf. They regained the lead following a power jam making the scores CCR 134 – 119 ARRG. ARRG did not give up but were unable to claw back the deficit before the end of the game. After a nail-biting and amazing 60 minutes of Derby, the final whistle went at CCR 167 – ARRG 131.

Roster:  82 Hustle’Her(Captain); 3 Tinchy Slider; 04 Lex Brawl; 19 Woo-Ha!; 20 Billie Whizz; 27 Germaine Leer; 42 Agent Dana Scurry; 45 Beth Metal; 54 D’Elusive Del; 84 Tenacity; 85 Lethal Sizzle; 69 Verry Cherry; 119 Scarlett McCabre; 666 Tragic Wrath;

Bench Manager: Barry Fight; Line Up Manager: Block Star

Crowd Pleaser – Tinchy Slider  MVP – Hustle Her


CCR ‘Slay Belles’ 123 MANCHESTER ROLLER DERBY ‘CheckerBroads’ 135
In a double-header on March 10th 2012, CCR hosted two leagues from the North of the UK and both bouts saw CCR battle tirelessly to the finish. The league’s Slay Belles met with Manchester Roller Derby one year on from beating them in Manchester in a closely-fought game and this bout was no different – with both sides pushing hard and fast to try for victory.

CCR had a rabble of fresh faces on the squad, mixed in with seasoned Slays, and the new line-up saw some impressive tight walls, offensive plays and some tenacious jamming. MRD took the lead in the first jam and called it off after scoring 5 points, and CCR caught up in the third jam. 

With jammers from both teams doing a Fun-House style swap in the box, both teams had powerjams to exploit in the first half and CCR crept into the lead with 49-40. MRD used a knee start after CCR’s jammer was sent to the box again and clawed the lead back 59-63.

Despite some big hits and valiant pack work by CCR’s blockers, and both teams drawing level at 99-99 in the second half, MRD kept their cool to run out winners by 135 – 123.

Roster:  1337 Incredible Hulse (Captain); 19 Woo-Ha(Co-Captain); MC5 Kitty Killa; 10 Bunny Massacre; 12 Little Nicky; 29 Gerty Go-Go; 54 D’elusive Del; 69 Verry Cherry; 73 SweetFighter; 360 X-Blox; 404 Typhoid Mary; 707 Jelly Mean; 800 GhouldieLocks; 5000 Boots Manuva;
Bench Manager: Barry Fight; Line Up Manager: Agent Dana Scurry 

Best Jammer – Typhoid Mary; Best Blocker – Bunny Massacre; MVP – Woo-Ha

Photos courtesy of Guy Berresford