Intra League Final 2012: Bad Apples are the Champions!

Saturday 2nd June saw Central City Rollergirls conclude their Home Team season with the Bad Apples taking the trophy from last year’s victors with a 181 – 121 win.
In the run up to the final the Bad Apples and Disco Beaters had experienced seasons which mirrored those of the previous year; Bad Apples winning both their heats,  and Disco Beaters winning one heat to meet each other in the final. The Bad Apples were determined to not let the final play out the same way it did in 2010/11 though, and led from the start.
Strong walls enabled Bad Apples to build up a decisive lead throughout the first half,  but Disco Beaters were able to take full advantage of a power play in the final jam of the first 30 minutes, making the scores 64 – 106 at half time.
In the second half, a couple more power jams, and some effective pack work of their own, the Disco Beaters were able to claw the deficit back to just 23 points, with the scores standing at 139 – 116. However, the Apples got their packs back together to limit the Beaters to just 5 more points in the remainder of the game, with the 60 minutes of play closing at 181 – 121 in the BApples favour.
CCR’s 2011/12 Intra-League season has seen some amazing nail-biting games for the three CCR Home Teams, often going right down to the final jam. Bad Apples, Disco Beaters and Queens of Steel now enter the summer break, but will be back in action 2012/13, with their sights set on lifting the intra league trophy this time next year.
Don’t miss CCR’s last Travel Team bout of the season with a double header on Sunday 17th June where the Raging Belles take on Evolution Rollergirls and Slay Belles take on Liverpool Rollerbirds. More details are available here.

Disco Beaters: 82 Hustle’Her (Captain), 92 Red Gorevette (Co-Captain), 10 Bunny Massacre, 28 Betty Bloodshed, 43 Beth Metal, 44 Nok-turnal, 61 Erin Blockavitch, 85 Lethal Sizzle, 100 Dynomite Bo, 360 XBlox, 429 Thumpalina, 707 Jelly Mean, 737 Speedy Wonder, 808 Pre EMMptive Strike. Line-Up/Bench Manager Ouija Broad.

Bad Apples: 69 Verry Cherry (Captain), 04 Lex Brawl (Co-Captain), 3 Tinchy Slider, MC5 Kitty Killa, 25 Faze’her, 27 Germaine Leer, 29 Gerty Go-go, 72 Bette Outta Hell, 101 Cruel Heller DeVil, 666 Tragic Wrath, 802 Whipped Green, 1212 Lola Whip, 1337 The Incredible Hulse, 5000 Boots Manuva. Lune-Up/Bench Manager Madame FlutterbyPhotos courtesy of Floyd King

CCR Raging Belles 278 Wirral Whipeteres 22

Making history on Saturday 21st April was the CCR Raging Belles – it was the first open bout for the third travel team from the CCR family. As the hall started to fill up with friends, family and derby fans there was uncertainty in the air as not too much was known about either team, but after 60 minutes of derby, that all changed.

As the score tells you the game was in CCR’s hands for the majority of the game, tight walls, clever call offs and tactical play was in abundance from the girls as the team remained focused ready for more. What the score doesn’t tell you is that Wirral never game up, fighting on with smiles on their faces and determination in their minds.

The first half closed with a 122 -14 score line and both teams must have had a sterling half time talk. The second period opened with Wirral stealing their share of Lead Jammer statuses, but couldn’t stop the CCR Ragers hitting and surpassing the 200 mark showing again that clever tactical play and tight pack work is the key to any derby game.

Both teams played their hearts out and a great day of derby was had in Birmingham once more.  After a few shandys Wirral boarded their coach back up north leaving CCR a promise to come back and even up the score.

ROSTER: 25 Faze’Her (Captain); 434 Dr Inknockulator (Co-Captain); 23 Harm Honey; 28 Betty Bloodshed; 61 Erin Block’hervich; 72 Bette Outta Hell; 80 Ska Siren; 101 Cruel Heller DeVil; 360 XBlox; 429 Thumpalina; 802 Whipped Green; 808 PRe-EMMtive Strike; 1212 Lola Whip; 2820 Bon Snott; Bench Manager – Rollin Rat; Line Up Manager – Boots Manuva.

Words by Verry Cherry. Photos courtesy of Scott Jones.