CCR Presents: Mischief Managed – an OTA Roller Derby Scrim!

🧙‍♀️ Witches and wizards; don your skates and get ready to represent your house to see who will win
Mischief Managed:The House Cup!

🧙‍♂️ Think you are daring enough to skate for Gryffindor? Or are you a Ravenclaw with all the strategy smarts? Maybe a determined Hufflepuff, or a brave and cunning Slytherin?

🧙‍♂️All are welcome to this OTA tournament!🧙‍♀️

🦓Running along side this will be a ref clinic lead by WFTDA / MRDA official Rollin’ Rat, perfect for newer refs wanting to brush up their skills to then practice during the tournament.(more info to follow on this) 🦓

🔥The tournament will be a round-robin match up of shorter games between all of the houses to determine which two house teams will go forward to take part in the full length championship game!

💗We will have some very exciting Bench and Lineup announcements to come over the next few days so keep your eyes peeled and wands at the ready!

🙌🙌 tickets go live – Tuesday 30th July🙌🙌


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Live Roller Derby: Brum vs Brizzle, twice!

Easy there friends, we have an awesome game lined up for you this Saturday 11.5.19 in the badass city of Birmingham. Come join us, and these lovely people for two live roller derby games!

Hello 2019!

Welcome everybody to the 2019 Roller Derby season! The year ahead is shaping up nicely, and as a league, we can’t wait to get stuck in. Next week, our B Team head to Wiltshire to begin their journey into British Champs, taking inspiration from our A Team who were victorious in Brit Champs Tier 1 in 2018.

As we grease our elbows, and shake off the cobwebs, we caught up with newly selected A team Co Captain Not Sorry Laurie, and B team leadership Roll Darl, Charlie Scraplin and Drinkwater.

Welcome to 2019 new season, what are the team’s plans for the upcoming seaons?

Laurie: “Last year we broke new ground by achieving our highest ever WFTDA ranking and qualifying as a 5th seed for the inaugural European Continental Cup. For 2019 we want to consolidate and build on these gains and on our seeding whilst remaining a thoroughly classy outfit.”

Charlie (B Team Co Captain): “We are excited for the 2019 season as it is our first year playing Brit Champs as a B team. We aim to take on champs in a competitive way (eyes on the prize) whilst also taking the time to develop our newer skaters. Along with Brit Champs we also have other exciting fixtures for the B team throughout the year so we are looking at a packed and awesome 2019.”

You have been selected as team leadership, what does it mean to be part of the group driving CCR forward?

Drinkwater (coach): “Its a great privilege to be part of the leadership team working with great captains & awesome skaters. We had an awesome 2018 with success in all our open door games for the year and we hope to build on this success after earning the position to play in British Champs for 2019. It’s an exciting and humbling experience to be able to share this journey with the B team and be a part of its continued success”

Laurie: “It’s a huge privilege to be chosen to help lead CCR A for the year ahead. It’ll be another exciting season containing some tasty looking fixtures. There’ll be challenges along the way but as always they’ll come accompanied by opportunities too.”

Any final words for our friends and supporters?

Laurie: “A successful team requires strong foundations and we’re so fortunate to have such enormous dedication off the track as well as on it. CCR couldn’t function without the tremendous work done by everyone who makes up our league and I can’t thank them enough for what they do. The same goes for our fans who have given us huge support, particularly at the Continental Cup. There’s no doubt ours was the loudest and (most fashion conscious) section of the crowd.”

Roll Darl (Co Captain): “Our supporters are really important to the league – from our talented NSOs and skating officials, people who bake cakes for home fixtures, other skaters taking on volunteering roles and of course those who come to our games to whoop and cheer and sometimes wear pink spandex and legwarmers – we thank you!

We’d love to see lots of support for the B Team in Brit Champs this year so please do come along, watch some great derby and get involved! (We also usually go to the pub after) *Pink Spandex encouraged but not necessary”

2019, let’s do this!



CCR B Team’s next game is February 23rd, 2019 against Wiltshire (Brit Champs)

CCR A Teams next game is on April 6th, 2019 against Middlesborough.

Photos thanks to Floyd King Photography