Double win for Slays and Ragers

The last bout of CCR’s season saw the Slays and the Ragers take victory in both of their games, with strong resistance from Liverpool and Evolution.

The first game between Ragers and Evolution was the Shrewsbury league’s first public bout, not that you could tell by their form on track. Both sides had strong walls and tactical nous, yet CCR led throughout the game using the tactic I like to call ‘ the thing!!!’ to their advantage.

Evolution retaliated with strong defence when CCR’s jammer ploughed into their walls, but they lagged behind score-wise as they suffered from a spate of penalties throughout the game.

The bout ended with CCR Ragers winning with 408 and Evolution finishing at 108, after a spirited and skilful performance from both sides.

Roster: 25 Faze’Her (Captain); 434 Dr Inknockulator (Co-Capt); 23 Harm Honey; 44 Nokturnal; 58 Enzo L Calamity; 61 Erin Blockervitch; 72 Bette Outta Hell; 80 Skar Siren; 429 Thumpalina; 737 Speedy Wonder; 802 Whipped Green; 808 Pre-Emmptive Strike; 1212 Lola Whip. Bench: Rollin Rat; Line Ups: Boots Manuva

The second bout between CCR’s Slays and Liverpool roller birds was a hard- fought battle between the two sides.

LRB scored 3 in the first jam but CCR got 30 points after ccr’s jammer had a most excellent powerjam. LRB’s blockers, hit impressively hard, bridged, and then kept hitting CCR’s jammer but suffered penalties.

With the score 55-8 to CCR, the home team kept the pack fast and refused to give points away, with LRB suffering more penalties. LRB then got lead jammer, and she sneaked through the inside to gain three points, taking it up to CCR 55-12 LRB.

LRB’s jammer dealt with a fast pack by placing her blocker in a CCR wall and pushing off her to score two points. CCR then got lead then LRB and one thing remained the same – fast packs- and half time saw CCR lead with 91-24- Exciting stuff yes?

The second half saw some lovely offensive work from CCR’s blockers, who helped their jammer hit it and quit it and gain 103 -24 with 26 minutes to go. Another powerjam saw CCR go up to 125 after their jammer clocked up an awesome 22 point jam.

LRB gained during their next two powerjams before their jammer was sent the box and CCR took points back with the score increasing to 203-58.

Liverpool never gave up, giving hard hits to CCR and staying focused in the face of CCR’s savvy use of ‘the thing!!!’ when LRB’s jammer was in the box.

The last few jams were fast and furious – with CCR’s blockers doing some cracking offensive work and Liverpool making use of a powerjam which took them up to 81 to CCR’s 234.

After a final drama – filled jam, with players from LRB flocking to the box, the final score was 275 – 86 to the Slays.

Roster: 1337 Incredible Hulse (Captain); 19 Woo-Ha (Co-Captain); 10 Bunny Massacre; 29 Gerty Go-Go; 54 D’elusive Del; 69 Verry Cherry; 73 Sweet Fighter; 100 Dynomite Bo; 101 Cruel Heller Devil; 360 X-Blox; 404 Typhoid Mary; 707 Jelly Mean; 5000 Boots Manuva, Bench: Lethal Sizzle; Line-Ups: Agent Dana Scurry


Photos courtesy of Floyd King

Introducing CCR’s newest team – The Raging Belles

The Raging Belles: Back Row (L-R) Dr Inknockulator, Sweet Fighter, Bette Outta Hell, Lola Whip, Pre-EMMptive Strike, Jelly Mean, Ska Siren, Nok-turnal, Erin Blockhervitch, Rollin’ Rat. Front Row (L-R) Cruel Heller De Vil, Typhoid Mary, Speedy Wonder, Whipped Green, Faze’Her, Harm Honey. (Not Pictured: XBlox, Thumpelina, Betty Bloodshed, Bon Snot.)

Saturday 21st April at Doug Ellis Sports Centre, Birmingham sees the newest member of CCR’s bouting family, The Raging Belles take to the track for their first public bout against Wirral Whipiteres.

CCR’s first travel team, The Belles of Centrinnians first skated at Roll Britannia in July 2009, whilst The Slays Belles (CCR’s second travel team) debuted against Middlesbrough Milk Rollers in December 2009, and April 2012 sees the first public bout of their third travel team, the Raging Belles.

The Ragers  join The Slay Belles and the Belles of Centrinnians as one of CCR’s travel teams, and the evolution of this team comes from the high numbers of bout-ready skaters at CCR – currently nearing the 100 mark.

Stevel Knievel, who heads the CCR coaching team explains why a new team is so important to CCR . “Thanks to the structure we’ve put in place, we now have plenty of skaters who have sped through the Development programme to pass their minimum skills and become bout ready. Previously we looked to send them out to bout in mixed ‘cherry popper’ bouts, but while useful in themselves, we thought our skaters needed more and a way to help them move up through the CCR ranks quicker.”

Barry Fight in coach mode

Barry Fight in coach mode

As well as being a debut bout for the Ragers, the event co-incides with CCR coach Barry Fight running the London Marathon on the same weekend. Barry is running the race in aid of  West Midlands Lupus Group and to help him reach his goal of £1,000,  all money raised by the bout will go towards his cause.

Ragers Captain,  Faze’Her says this first public bout is a huge deal for everyone involved.  “We’ve all come through training together, learnt to skate together, now we’re finally getting to bout together. Bouting is the ultimate goal and this is the beginning of our bouting career, but an important milestone.”

The Ragers already have a few fixtures lined up, and Stevel told us about long- terms plans for the team. “The Ragers have got two bouts, as well as a closed doors practice with another new league, to look forward to before the league’s Summer break,  and we’ll be reaching out to new leagues for similar opportunities next year.”

You can find more details on the bout, including directions to the venue here. Entry is just £3,  on the door with all proceeds going to Coach Barry Fight’s fundraising for West Midlands Lupus Group.

Our Next Mission – TATTOO FREEZE 2011

CCR are pretty excited to be part of the Roller Derby tournament being hosted at this year’s Tattoo Freeze Exhibition, 15th & 16th January in Telford.
This year’s comp sees CCR take on the London Roller Girls and London Rockin Rollers both for the first time, as well as a quick re-union with Edinburgh’s Auld Reekie Roller Girls.

The tournament will be a round robin event, with each team playing each other in full bouts, so that’s 6 superb bouts over two days.

And if that ain’t good enough, Tattoo Freeze showcases some of the best UK and International Tattoo Artists. In its 2nd year, Tattoo Freeze is one of the UK’s biggest Tattoo conventions and once again in addition to the Tattoo artists, there’ll be graffiti demos and workshops, BMX and skateboard demos, Custom Car paintwork displays, a art gallery, ArtFusion canvases and a National Tattoo Photography competition.

Click on the Tattoo Freeze banner for more details as well as Ticket prices.