The Skaters

Meet the skaters at Central City Rollergirls. Below are the current squads for A-Team and B-Team 2019. Squads change regularly throughout the season.

Travel Team Skaters


Bunny Massacre – A Team

Woo Ha! – A Team

Tinchy Slider – A Team

Treble – A Team

Not Sorry Laurie – A Team (Co-Captain)

Maz Scar Her – A Team (Co-Captain)

El – A Team

Jelly Mean – A Team

Weston Super Clare – A Team

Dr Knock – A Team

Jeneral – A Team

Milly Idol

Milly Idol – A Team

Annie Smack

Annie Smack – A/B Team

Roll Darl

Roll Darl – A/B Team (B Team – Co Captain)

Harris – A/B Team

Verry Cherry – A/B Team

Sharpe – A/B Team

Mim the Merciless – A/B Team


Hermione Rager – A/B Team

Jam Roley Poley – B Team

Skar Siren – B Team

Charlie Scraplin – B TeamĀ (B Team – Co Captain)

Mad-Eye Lou-Bee

Mad-Eye Lou-Bee – B Team[

Mauler- B Team


Gryffinbrawl – B Team

Em on Bread – B Team

Power – B Team

Lil' Miss Lucky

Darcey Daydream – B Team

Lil' Miss Lucky

Rita Skateworth – B Team

Meraxes – B Team


Fearleader – B Team



Honour Rampage



Lil' Miss Lucky

Lil’ Miss Lucky

Viv La France


Quad Job

Quad Job

Gemma Harvey

Dodge Brawl

Dodge Brawl

Lil' Miss Lucky

Bohemian Scrapsody

Lil' Miss Lucky

Violet Disregard

Julie Outrageous

Julie Outrageous – A/B Team