The Skaters

Meet the skaters at Central City Rollergirls. Below are the current squads for A-Team and B-Team 2018. Squads change regularly throughout the season.

Travel Team Skaters


Bunny Massacre – A Team

Woo Ha! – A Team

Tinchy Slider – A Team (Co Captain)

Viv La France – A Team

Jelly Mean – A Team

Weston Super Clare – A Team

Dr Knock – A Team

Maz Scar Her – A Team (Co-Captain)

Brooks – A Team

Treble – A Team

Not Sorry Laurie – A Team

El – A Team

Milly Idol

Milly Idol – A/B Team

Skar Siren – A/B Team

Jeneral – A/B Team (B Team – Co Captain)

Charlie Scraplin – A/B Team


Gryffinbrawl – A/B Team

Annie Smack

Annie Smack – A/B Team

Julie Outrageous

Julie Outrageous – A/B Team

Roll Darl

Roll Darl – A/B Team

Quad Job

Quad Job – B Team (Co-Captain)


Honour Rampage B Team

Lil' Miss Lucky

Smaller Mauler

Dodge Brawl

Dodge Brawl – B Team

Jam Roley Poley – B Team

Lil' Miss Lucky

Mim the Merciless

Em on Bread

Lil' Miss Lucky


Lil' Miss Lucky

Violet Disregard

Lil' Miss Lucky

Darcey Daydream

Lil' Miss Lucky

Rita Skateworth



Riotician – B Team

Mad-Eye Lou-Bee

Mad-Eye Lou-Bee

Verry Cherry

Lil' Miss Lucky

Bohemian Scrapsody

Lil' Miss Lucky

Lil’ Miss Lucky